The World of Diet Drugs

We all belong to one of two groups, You either burn as many calories as you eat, or you don't. Those that don't burn enough, gain weight.

As a consequence of inactive behavior, Americans have gotten soft and fat.

Losing weight is much harder to do than not gaining it in the first place is. That is why it is extremely difficult to not gain weight, at some point in life. With the need to lose so high, the number gurus with gimmicks, preaching pie-in-the sky answers has grown with it.

Americans, spend much of their day studying, reading, speaking, computing, and playing video games.

No discrepect to the sendentary, but while these activities are stressful, they are not the type of work that burns calories.

Intellectual work challenges nervous tissue, not striated muscles. Good health requires active muscles not sedentary ones.


With over half the American population considered overweight or fat, there is no shortage of desperate disciples and no shortage of miracle solutions.

In considering our preoccupation and obsession with losing weight, it is worth remembering the words of the noted critic of the American middle class, Henry Lewis Mencken, who said, ‘no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people'.

As the waistlines of Americans continue to swell, a plethora of books, seminars, programs, and organizations have been developed to reverse one's personal expansion. This, in addition to the pharmaceutical drugs, natural herbs, and weight loss drinks, purported to help lose weight, stock the shelves of the new comfort stations, Walgreens, CVS, ad nusaseum. 

This simpleet way to lose weight or more precisely to lose body fat is to exercise more..Instead of weighing portions, restricting nutrients, or taking weight loss drugs, moderately overweight people need to exercise.

They are strongly advised to modify their lifestyle and incorporate exercise into their daily lives.


Exercise is the best method to lose weight. Not only does it burn energy but it functions as a cerebral regulator, its role being to lower the body’s set point and increase metabolic rate.

All the popular diets build their plan around restricting food. They either limit the total amount of it or restrict a specific nutrient.

These diets are discussed to inform readers of the science underlying their logic and to argue that they are all inappropriate for people who exercise. Period.