Growth Hormone

As 2015 closes, Peyton Manning gas become embroiled over allegations his wife received prescription human growth hormone.


Growth hormone is not a steroid.

It is banned by all the agencies that govern sports doping because it provides an unfair advantage.


Unlike steroids, administered correctly, growth hormone is safe


So, in addition to designer analogs and steroids, the other drug that provide an unfair advantage to athletes is human or recombinant growth hormon


There are also many others that are not yet banned because they remain unknown.



These unkown compounds are not detected in doping tests so their use can’t be proved.



One very difficult PED to detect is growth hormone.



The rational for abuse of growth hormone is based on studies that demonstrate, at least in growth hormone-deficient males, that growth hormone stimulates fat loss and increases skeletal muscle size and strength.



 A new method to increase growth hormone levels in athletes, one that is perfectly legal and healthy, is to increase them through dietary supplements that contains a combination of four amino acids: arginine, ornithine, lysine, and tryptophan.


These are the building blocks that, when reassembled in the body, form natural secretagogues or small messenger compounds that travel to the brain where they stimulate the pituitary to secrete growth hormone.


Growth hormone is called somatotrophin and is abbreviated as GH.  



GH is produced by the pituitary gland .

The hormone is made in bursts that begin in puberty.


GH is released in a pulsating manner, mostly at night.


The hormone causes growth in every tissue except the brain.


GH is a peptide (small protein) that is released during certain metabolic conditions such as, sleep, fasting, exercise and stress.


Growth hormone, like all other hormones with the exception of the steroid hormones, is a protein.


GH's effects are similar to steroids, and like steroids, growth hormone is banned by all sports authorities.


Growth hormone is not classified as a steroid because it lacks a steroid’s classic four-ringed backbone.



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