Natural Medicine

The world of Natural Medicine is based on teachings passed along over the centuries.

Ancient Healers used plants to balance inner chemistry and daily activity provided the stimulus for self-healing. 



Today, molecular biology and pharmaceutical science are the pillars of medicine.  



The physician today, must be and is, a very good scientist.


Doctors must be good at science, not empathy to succeed at school.


While our present system does train highly skilled and efficacious doctors, it also minimizes personal interactions and eliminates personality as a skill.

Doctors don't heal; they treat.


A good doctor needs to be more than a good scientist.



Doctors interact with patients, this dynamic needs other skills that aren’t taught in school or rewarded in payments.

That's a pity as far as I can see.

The system only benefits the drug companies whose wares are pushed to physicians by an army of advance teams and graft artists.



Good doctors need to be good healers.


Science alone isn't enough.


Healing grew out of local plants and the many uses of them.

With common sense and faith, they created the world we now call Traditional Medicine, TM to those in the know..


Their system is based on local plants, raw, brewed or cooked, and their ability to achieve inner balance.

These plants combined with daily vigorous activity will spur the body's self-healing forces..


Traditional medicine originated in Greece and spread as an outgrowth of the Roman Empire.


The Greeks and Romans believed and taught that food was medicine.


They coined the phrase and earned the right to be called the father of medicine, albeit it, a collective one.


Healing was an art for them with philosophical explanations for healing not scientific ones.

Scientists possess infinitely more knowledge than healers and are armed with the intellectual might of research and the results of tests and studies.

When doctors are judged by the quality of care they give on an individual basis, they earn high marks. But when they are graded by the collective health of the people they treat, they get a failing grade.

Modern medicine treats patients as consumers of health care and doctors as providers of services, not as patients and healers. The warmth of this unique relationship has been destroyed and  replaced by cool efficiency and plenty of prescriptions.


In this system the best way to stay healthy is to not get sick.