America Threatened

America is under attack; a nation besieged by illness.


The American Epidemic is the most difficult challenge our nation has ever faced. Aside from the misery it causes, the most troubling aspect of this undeclared war on health is the fact that it is our own business institutions that are waging itThese interests share a need for a society driven by excessive consumption.

Whether it be unhealthy foods, recreational and pharmaceutical drugs, smart phones, virtual reality devices (Xbox, Wii), or porn, Americans are unable to quench their need for these new staples of business.

 Build it and they will buy.

Fortune 500 companies have thrust the dagger of illness into the heart of this great nation, by poisoning its children. They no longer make products that improve life, but instead, instill poor habits in anticipation of destroying it. In doing so, they have created a steady and fail-proof stream of profits.

These companies have used the molecular tool of receptor chemistry to cause widespread addiction to their unhealthy products. Once these addictions become established, it perpetuates the need for a lifetime of prescription drugs.

The products, practices and methods of American businesses have made children ill. They have bloated an already overworked healthcare system with patients who are suffering from nutritional diseases. Their need for a lifetime of prescription drugs and future invasive surgeries only serves to fill the coffers of multinational drug companies. It also allows doctors to stay busy managing their symptoms. This may explain their recalcitrance towards prevention.



Given this environment, this program provides the only real antidote Self-Care. Self-Care puts the patient in control of their health and provides them with a philosophy best described as Natural Medicine. Instead of drugs and surgeries they are empowered with exercise and colorful food. Instead of treating symptoms, they prevent disease and delay aging.

The rationale behind  this Solution is quite simple. By inducing physically stressful situations, the body is forced to adapt to the higher metabolic demands required by exercise. The Athletes Solution is thus a method to optimize metabolic efficiency.

Metabolic efficiency is the fruit of exercise.

The Athletes Solution harvests that fruit by better meeting the needs of exercising muscles. This is accomplished thru a combination of red, white, and blue with an excess of green foods.

These foods not only meet the bodys energy needs, but also deliver the array of antioxidants (flavonoids, polyphenols), healthy fats (Omega-3s) and natural anti-inflammatory foods (turmeric, ginger, garlic). These foods are essential to recover from exercise.

Self-care builds upon the practices of the Ancient Healers from China, Greece and India, who recognized the power of plants and its ability to restore balance in the body.

What we call disease, the Ancients viewed as imbalances. They didnt treat them with specific isolated agents like drugs, but rather restored their balance with food. They used the library of nutrients contained in plants; Natures arsenal of agents embedded in the colorful fibers of plants.

The dietary system invented by Ancient cultures and passed down from generation to generation, which used food as the vehicle to deliver the essential bioactive nutrients needed by the body.

We now know these bioactive nutrients or phytonutrients strengthen the body, represses inflammation and increases its resistancto stress. We don't always know how or why but conjecture is a pretty good tool. 

The micro-ingredients of food promote health by detoxifyingneutralizing and removing agents of disease.