Soprano Style Government

The government is in shutdown. Debt is mounting.

America is sinking towards a state of misery.

We can't pay our bills.

I think that sums up the overall situation.

Healthcare is seen as one of the obstacles in the way of paying our bills. And so too for that matter, are veterans, the elderly and the obese who need that care.

We can't pay our bills.

Well, why don't we raise more money?  The so accepted that there be a cap on the percentage taxed 


Suspension of rights in on the horizon if we try and settle our fiscal folly through better economic management of healthcare.

Big Brother and draconian practices will see to that. Do you really believe America will allow itself to spend fifty percent of its healthcare expenditure on the last six months of life? We are at tthirty now.

The five percent of this nation that creates half its health care costs will also have to be dealth with.

American are getting sicker by the hour. A revolution is needed. 


We friggin can't pay our bills.

There is virtually no chance there will be a comprehensive plan to balance the budget unless health care costs decline. And the only way that happens is by improving the health of Americans.


One year, this kabuki dance will go to far or we will run out of options and Treasury will default on US debt.


But before that, Treasury will cut expenditures to keep the bond holders whole. They will fail to make payments for services rendered to doctors, hospitals, and veterans. The police, fire departments and sanitation service will still be needed.  So they will be expected to work and be owed the money.

Eventually even that will prove too little.

I don't know what's worse, Soprano style government or bankruptcy?

Cutting entitlements will be just a few drops in a rather large bucket.

It is time to redirect the business of America. Becoming a country filled with happy exercising children, fully active adults and a healthcare system that monitors behavior and forces them to make healthy choices. A system capable of shutting down all of the businesses that make children covet unhealthy products and to fill their inactive day.

While this might not be a quick fix, it at least is a fix.

Unless there is a massive redistribution of priorities in this country, we will one day, be a part of the most miserable place on earth.