Generational War

The world has changed.


I remember reading It Can't Happen Here, by Sinclair Lewis when I was in high school.


In it, a senator elected on false promises, goes on to assume complete power.


He is backed by the military and is earily. reminiscent of Adolf Hitler and the rise of the Nazis.


I didn't think it would ever happen here.


America was a different country back then.

I though we would never give up our ideals.

 Too many checks and balances for any one man to overcome.



I grew up in the sixties, a time of great hopes and dreams.

There was excitement in the air.

Vietnam, civil rights, drugs and rock n roll.

Improve the world!

Wow, what a cool idea.

Oh God, did we screw up!


Now, it might need to happen here in order to alter the behavior that got us here.

No, we dont need to deport the undocs just keep them healthy.


We need a benevolent dictator to fix the mess we are in.

The group of clowns occupying the houses of government have no chance of agreeing on anything.

And we need to get thing done soon.


Someone must change the course this nation is on.

I'm not talking about the war on terror or building a wall. 

I have seen the enemy and it is us. It is the unending need or more.


 We need to be on a war footing.

We need to defeat the domestic terrorists that have taken over our lives.


This is the world we made.

We own it.



A world where overweight children are the norm and obesity, a part of too many lives.



The fact that we now need their credit card to pay for our healthcare care makes it even more horrific.


We turned Regan's shinning city on a hill into a third-world brothel.




Walk in any city, sit in any school.

You will see it.

It is sad.


Sometimes you get a glimpse of how good it could be.

Kids playing soccer, working out, fit.


Exceptional talents and strong enough to withstand the forces of illness..


But most often, what you see, offends.


I know it wasn't like this forty years ago.


What the hell have we done?



Americans were blessed with freedom of choice and increased leisure time.

As this was exploited, it was used to help children become fat.


They were seduced by television, boredom and addictive food.



They were told where and when to eat.

What games to play or car to by. 

For want of a better word, they seduced a nation through the power and force of addiction.



There is something unfair about making people ill.

It should be a crime.

It wouldn't disturb me in the least if the businesses that have made so much money off making people ill, had to pay for their care.

Call it the sick tax.



The list starts at the top with AgriBusinesses and Technologies.

Add in their minions in the marketing and advertising industries, the lawyers and lobbyists, and don't forget the pharmaceutical and insurance conglomerates.

Our government encouraged entrepreneurs to mine the data in our children's minds.

They set up shop everywhere childrewn went.

It was the Wild West for them.

The government allowed these companies to hide behind the corporate veil of no responsibility to addict children to unhealthy foods and practices.

These companies are guilty of using addictive marketing techniques to undermine the natural healthy values they were born with.



Our children didn't want to be this way, we made them that way.

Now, unless I am wrong, we are in a whole lot more trouble than anyone suspects.

And we are doing nothing about it!



We are drowning in debt.

But it is the ill health of our people that truly frightens me.

It is easy to point to the economic realities of caring for illness as the driving force behind reform but for me, their illnesses cause misery.


That the ill persevere and push on is a testament to the will to live. 

Procedures are unlimited but resources are.

The world that's to come will see people die early when they fail to take care of themselves. 

So to prevent that kind of draconian practice and avoid death panels, people scoopers and bankruptcy, we need to improve people's health now.


Maybe, if we can make it say fifty more years, we can once again become that bright shinning city on a hill.