Life of Illness

America cannot continue to treat the unhealthy adults and exploding number of unhealthy children indefinitely.



It is clear that changes will be imposed.



I don't have a problem with people who insist on living an unhealthy lives.




If they want to die at an early age, that's their buisness and I'm OK with it.

Their life, their choice.



But I have a huge problem with instead of them dying, they are kept alive for an additional forty years and soaking up expensive medical treatment.

That's unfair and unjust.



Treatment should be linked to personal behavior.



The price for medical coverage should be daily exercise and healthy food.



Individuals need to take care of their health in order to receive care.


The sooner we arrive at a population of healthy people, the sooner this nation can go back to being the great nation it once was.

Not before, for we have abandoned the most sacred of Americabn principals, good health.



Money should not be the currency insurance coverage is paid for with.



Those who insist on living the life of illness must be allowed to depopulate and restore order to the healthcare system.


They most certainly should not be rewarded with life extension.



Draconian perhaps but the only way too reign in reckless behavior.



It is not simply enough to revamp, re-prioritize and restructure our nation’s healthcare system. 



We need healthier and more active people.



And the only way to achieve that is by punishing the makers of illness and rewarding behavior that prevents them.


This must be our country’s priority. Only by preventing disease can America ever get back on track and be worthy of its once lofty goal.

When causing illness is no longer a profitable business, and only when that occurs, will prevention of disease ever be possible.

As more Americans grow unhealthier, more resources will be needed to manage their illnesses.

From an economic point of view, this is fiscal disaster.

These are America’s least productive citizens who have been empowered to demand every procedure, drug or treatment that can extend their life. Never mind the quality of that life. 

This is a challenge we as a country are unequipped to deal with.  The only real solution is to prevent their illnesses from developing in the first place and that begins during childhood and never stops.


All to often, childhood is fine but adultworld is the problem. Working is ruinous to health.

Well the workplace is about to be swollen with ill children, all grown into adulthood. This is going to be ruinous to businesses.

Between the power of persuasive programming and the biology of addiction, children have been transformed from active, wide-eyed, exuberant kids into a molding mass of rotting, immobile flesh, incapable of understanding what is happening to them and unable to breaks the bonds of familiarity.
By permitting an onslaught of appealing, seductive and destructive messages to reach our kid’s minds and in allowing addictive chemicals to be embedded into their food and beverages, we have helped sowed the seeds of a compulsive need to eat and an aversion to move. By failing to ensure children’s health, we will be leaving this world a worse place then when we arrived.

We as a people should be indicted for the crime we have committed.


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