They Can Win

When Michael Corleone was visiting Cuba during Godfather 2, he observed a rebel blow himself up and when asked what he thought it meant, replied, they can win!



The prevailing theory regarding the Islamic State (IS) or ISIL, ISIS, or Dash (same group, different acronyms) and their attacks on the West, is that ISIS is an end of days facilitator, and that in their demented and tortured minds, the battle to end all battles is about to begin.


ISIS stands for The Islamic state of Iraq and Syria


ISIL stands for the Islamic State of the Levant


Daesh is an Arabic acronym for al-Dawla al-Islamiya fi al-Iraq wa al-Sham that the hacktivist group Anonymous uses because they see this group as a threat to civilization and humanity.


The world needs them to crack the IS's Dark Net.



Their insane ideology is rooted in their apocalyptic interpretation of scripture backed by the knowledge that they are doing God's work.

With this as motivation, its easy t see why they have grown so rapidly.


They offer one hell of an incentive.






How did we get to this point in history?

Prior to the Ottomans, a tribal world existed with frequent clashes between the tribes.

The Ottomans ran an empire.

The Ottomans lost their lands after the first WW.


As the brutality of the first world war was bloodly on display on the battlefield, foolishness and folly filled the back rooms and   clandestine meetings between the parties.

Corrupt deals between France and England assured them of acquiring profitable colonies once the hostilities ceased


Both powers were soon forced to relinquish their winnings and Iraq and Syria became states with brutal dictators in charge

Kuwait was also created during the breakup, despite having no historical right to the land.

The area however, was the only outlet to the sea for Iraq and Saddam Hussein figured it was his anyway


Prior to Sadam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait, President George Bush, fondly referred to as 41, sent a message via US ambassador April Glaspie. The contents

"We have no opinion on your Arab-Arab conflicts, such as your dispute with Kuwait. Secretary Baker has directed me to emphasize the instruction, first given to Iraq in the 1960s, that the Kuwait issue is not associated with America."

 This basically gave the green light to the invasion

It wasn't until Margret Thatcher stiffened 41 with her "don't go wobbly on us George" statement, that Bush reversed himself and changed the course of history.

Bush then drew the memorable line in the sand and told his nemesis "this will not stand:"


Bush would have saved the world the present crisis if he had just listened to himself.

Bush's initial reaction, was the correct one


The rest is just the flowing of history.

It seems the pieces are almost ready.


So as IS moves forward, with attacks on multiple cities and continents, ISIS will get stronger and become even more ruthless.


The West can't match their electricity and fervor.


They offer their followers a cause.A cause they are willing to die for


What this all means is that they can win.



No one wants to accept that possibility and unless we begin to recognize the enormity of the situation, ISIS will onlyb get stronger.




Should ISIL be allowed to continue on their stairway to heaven, and it looks like they will, the disruption and misery they will inflict on the western world will be incalculable.



The more operations they initiate, the more they will attract and radicalize the disaffected with doubters becoming believers, the more they defy the west.



The longer this madness goes on, the more moderate Muslims will begin to believe the end of days scenarios spelled out in their scriptures, and join ISIL and when that happens, there really will be a need for Crusaders.


As this Caliphate gains legitimacy and its interpretation of scripture receives greater acceptance, they will say its the duty of all Muslims to join up or be killed.

This will not be the first time this scenario has played out.


We need a Godfather type response to counter the brutality and barbarism of ISIL.

We need to nip this in the bud.


Donald Trump is not a Godfather, he is, in the immortal words of Don Vito, a pimp.

Donald fans the flame of fascism.

He is a useless and bigoted neanderthal.

He isis nothing but a self-serving clown.

Trump's a looser. Trump you're fired.

Your dimwitted solutions to problems that don't exist bespeak a mean-spirited, ego maniac

Go put up a wall!





 There a reason men like Sadam and Asad were brutal dictators, they had to be.

They kept the peace.

You would have been a good leader in their shoes maybe even a great one.

What's that you say Donald?


You would have a better dictator than all of them!

No doubt.



And we should have stayed clear.



We didn't colonize the area.

Why was it our fight



That was England, France and Italy's history.

We need to look after American interests and not European.


Now as ISIS fills the vacuum and occupies more and more turf in Iraq and Syria, it has now begun to attack western cities.


We are in a new war.

The time has come for an even more brutal war than WW I



This is not the kind of war we are good at nor one we want to fight.


Donald Trump does have a point, to win this war, the families of terrorists will have to die.


For us to prevail, the rules of engagement must change.



There are no Geneva rules in Syria.


No taking prisoners.


No taking care of their wounded. 


No Guantanamo.



It's Kill or be Killed.




The only other choice is too horrific to contemplate.




So long as ISIL can plot and finance operations from Syria, nowhere will it be safe.


Syria and for that matter Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf states will be embroiled in daily battles with ISIL prevailing even when it looses.




The world saw how the Kuwaiti's protected their lands when Sadam rolled through them.


The Limousine retreat.



We can't win playing by our rules.



We must become as vicious and brutal as thy are.


We must become Colonel Kurtz, William Calley and Hannibal Lecter.

We must elect Trump


This will strip humanity off its fig leaf of civility.



This will expose soldiers to unimaginable horrors.


Horrors no human should ever experience and horrors they will bring home with them when they return to their families.


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