Baby-boomers are growing old... fast.

Baby-boomers are showing signs of neglect, deterioration and disease. All the while, their medical and drug bills keep accumulating. Not to worry, they'll just pass it on to their children like it was a birthright. Children, who they have vicariously re-lived their youth through, will have their own astronomical medical bills to pay for. Can you imagine? Children forced to carry both medical burdens when they reach adulthood.

Poor eating habits, lack of exercise and food addictions are undermining the health of children. This is the real gathering threat to this nation. This is domestic terrorism and no war is being waged against it.

Baby-boomers like all parents were entrusted to safeguard their children’s health but instead ignored their kids needs and gratified their own.

The consequences of ill-health in children is even more frightening than the ill health of baby-boomer parents.

The Boomers have failed in their responsibility to themselves and their children. They behave as if there are no consequences to their actions. They are a generation in denial. Through their actions, they are forcing our children and grandchildren to pay for their costly medical bills. They are looking forward to a very long retirement, courtesy of today’s medicine. Though their life is prolonged, it won’t be any healthier, They’ll just live longer.

On a personal level, boomers each need to take charge of their own health while they still have it. They need to nourish their bodies in order to extend and prolong the youth of life. It isn’t enough to just extend it. They need to stay active and fuel that activity with sound nutrition.

Baby-boomers have cashed in on the profits of multinational corporations and fast food franchises. They ignored the dangers their products posed to children because they were concerned with the state of their financial portfolios and not the metabolic conditions of their children.

As leaders of government, schools, hospitals and clinics, boomers had a chance to prevent this epidemic, instead they  contributed to it. But it their own ill health and the expense associated with their care, which they seem content to pass on any to their children and grandchildren, that poses the greatest threat.

In addition to the cost of caring for this aging, unhealthy group, their inability to quench addiction to prescription medications is a driving force behind our fiscal mess.

Medical spending is the fasetest rising segment of the economy. It is fueled in large part, by the biggest entitlement in history, the drug giveaway of 2003. This was the present boomers game themselves via Congress and Bush 43.


This, the most irresponsible act of an irresponsible generation. Baby-boomers are a lost generation.


Future generations will be condemmed to fiscal insolvency by the unbridled spending of government. Tomorrow’s children will inherit and drown in the tsunami of debt that will be passed on to them by the cowards of government.

Children, now in the dawn of life, shouldn't have to worry about their parent’s sunsets or their obsessive fear of growing old. Instead of experiencing the wonder and joy of adult life, America’s children will live with fears, nightmares, and guilt over  their responsibility in paying for their parent’s life extension.



We need wellness programs for children, not better benefits for seniors.


Principals, Headmasters and Chancellors take pride in educating not only the minds of our children, but their bodies as well. At least that is what they claim. If that is so, then why are there so many unhealthy children and young adults?

I believe it is high time they put their money where their mouth is. If they would just institute a few changes there would not be so many unhealthy children.

Between the lack of movement in their day and the high fat, refined carbohydrates and lack of omega 3s in their food, it is no wonder they have become unhealthy.

As they age, their inactivity combined with a lack of antioxidants, a consequence of poor nutrition, exposes their cell’s receptors to free radical attack.

Since free radicals have predilection for attacking membrane receptors thereby altering their binding domains, the chronic illness they cause are regulatory in nature and prevents these kids from metabolisizing nutrients properly.

Our children have had their priorities misdirected and their energies diverted away from activity because healthy kids are an unprofitable lot.  They have denigrated the importance of exercise in school, work and leisure. It is down played, relative to academic success and money earned. This phiolsophy is a form of assisted suicide.

Good health isn’t viwed as a status symbol but it should be. Instead I hear parents and kids bemoan that they don’t have the time to exercise. There are other things they need to do that are more important than exercise. The tragedy of this is that they actually believe it because it is validated by the world around them.

Unhealthiness is now a fact of life in America because it is good for business. Ensuring profits is the American way. The unhealthy are ill, not by choice or because of their genes, although both are contributing factors. Its the life they live. Even with a change, it is probably too late for them but it is not too late for their kids.

The human body demands movement, activity and exercise. Relegating exercise to a luxury afforded by those with time, money and talent, instead of an essential component of health, contributes to the malaise and ill health of Americans.

For individuals unable to meet the time constraints, imposed by regular exercise, a lifetime of ill health awaits.

There are too many unhealthy people in this country to have had it been a coincidence. America’s children were supposed to be protected from the forces of unhealthiness.


Parents, schools and government have all failed in their responsibility to protect kids. They have led the children of this nation to a physical abyss. Our children are inundated with false, misleading and repetitive messages.


The institutions of higher learning, especially those considered the most highly selective, boast of how well their choices have turned out.

They are proud of how their graduates populate leadership roles in government and business, how they occupy the academic chairs of other institutions. As if bright minds and good jobs justified their methods. While their educational methods are laudable, their lack of emphasis on physical activity is not. A good intellect is not all that is needed in life.



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