In the mid sixties the government of Nigeria used hunger as a weapon against the people of Biafra.


Biafra became the symbol of evil in government. 


They starved children and infants into developing kwashiorkor, an unsightly disease caused by protein deficiency.

A disease of deprivation, intentional deprivation.



This in contract to America, a land of plenty.

A land of excellence and opulence





Now, as technology advances by leaps and bounds, food is once again being used to produce another unimaginable horror.



Only in this case, it’s America’s children who are the targets and the ones who will be doing the suffering.

All under the noses of the media and the government regulators who were supposed to watch out for them.





Instead of deficiencies, their illnesses are the result of an excess; too much food, too much entertainment and too little movement.

Too much texting, sexting, chatting, videogaming, we-ing, and every other virtual interaction yet invented.


 Blessing or a Curse?


The quandary that America finds herself in can be summed up with one question.



How can we alter a way of life that provides so much opportunity for wealth by causing the widespread destruction of health?


Corporate America has undermined the health and willpower of the American people. They have subjugated a people to their devices, bandwidth and streaming services.

Not to mention the satisfaction that comes from eating.


By employing its power, seductiveness and force of addiction, America's Corporate citizens have not only defiled the environment, they have transformed this country from the land of the free to to one enslaved by food, drugs and technology.


Through an array of messages transmitted, streamed, shared and liked, the forces of evil have instilled poor nutritional habits in children.

The children were receptive vehicles for the marketing departments of every food, beverage, toy, device, entertainment, media and drug company in the United States.



The responsibility of CorporateAmerica is unmistakable.

They knew it would make them ill.


And they knew they could hide behind the corporate shield and never be prosecuted for their crimes.


And crimes they are.


Look at our children!



They correctly anticipated the unhealthy metabolic response their young bodies would have to the sophisticated and subliminal signals they sent.


Combined with the addictive compounds embedded in food these companies are responsible for causing disease.


Illnesses are the consequence of a life filled with addictive food and lack of movement; the powerful one-two punch of disease.


Their illnesses were brought on by a diverse group of industries, interests and intangibles who unwittingly acted in each others best interests.


Their purpose is to sell to Americans, the unhealthy products they or their clients, manufacture.

And their support system are the drug and insurance companies who happily and greedily doll out the treatments and educate doctors on the best way to practice medicine.


Having been the recepient of that education, i have one word to describe it.




Increased sale of these products may benefit shareholders but they endanger the health of the shareholders of this country, America’s children.


While it may be true that the illnesses they develop are not life-threatening or even noticeable at first, but once symptoms appear, these diseases will consume their life.  


A lifetime of massive medication, constant treatment and invasive surgeries awaits our children.



The phenomenal growth of companies dedicated to drug development and the explosive increase in fast-food consumption including  high fructose corn syrup and fatty snacks, demonstrates just how profitable the causation and treatment of disease is.


The unhealthy are not entirely to blame for their illnesses.


Their inactive behavior and poor eating habits were codified into their subconscious by America’s marketing geniuses who use the airways and the corridors of cyberspace to promote the unhealthy, addictive, and non-nutritious food their employers manufacture.


The illnesses they cause are part of an unspoken conspiracy to enslave Americans.


These companies manufacture unhealthy foods, promote inactivity and develop harmful drugs.



The deceitful, unethical and corrupt practices of their advertising, marketing and legal arms have successfully attacked the children of this country.



They have converted a healthy, active society into a sedentary and lethargic one.



By acting in accordance with all statutes, laws, and regulations, their unspoken conspiracies and cross-pollination of illness and profits, have succeeded where armies have failed.

They have subjugated the will of the American people through the powerful and persuasive force of addiction.


Forces, united by their purpose to enslave generations to illnesses.


We are witnessing a wave of illness never before imagined.


We are impoverished by our richness and suffering from our opulence.

As a nation we are bloated by unhealthy food, a sedentary lifestyle and apathy, this is the real national malaise.


As debaters blithe on about immigration, ISIL, Trump, Putin, the media, no one mentions the problem at hand.

We are unequipped to deal with it because the instigators of disease are everywhere.




Programmed for Addiction



I have described an amalgamation of varying interests invested in the creating or treatment of disease as an unspoken conspiracy.


FEMA represents those businesses that contribute to initiating illnesses while

PIMP is organized around the treatment of them.


I believe the swelling number of unhealthy children, young adults, aging boomers, seniors and elders, along with the enormous financial burden of treating them, represents the single greatest threat this country has ever faced.



War, global warming, oil shortages, home foreclosures, illegal immigrants, terrorists all pale in comparison to this epidemic.


Neuromarketers have implanted a Trojan messenger into the subconscious minds of children.

When activated it signals an obsessive and compulsive need for food, drugs and inactivity.  

While consumerism is the driving force behind our economy, it is also responsible for the deteriorating condition of kids and the tidal wave of illness engulfing this nation.


These illnesses are brought on by poor nutritional behavior and unhealthy foods.

In some cases, there may be a genetic predisposition towards developing these diseases, but they are the exception.

While is was their own unhealthy behavior that made them sick, other factors influenced their decisions and removed the element of free choice from their consciousness.


The expertise gained from cognitive psychology combined with the skill of neuromarketers, the power of addiction biology and the fragility of the human condition, were marshaled together to create one powerful, irresistible urge.  


An unstoppable compulsion to consume.


Neuromarketing is a term that defines the use of functional technologies to measure the brain's responses to various marketing stimuli.

This kind of technology is used to better explain and predict consumer preferences and thereby better influence their future decisions.

The profiteers of poisons have addicted, manipulated, coerced and intimidated people into developing unhealthy eating habits, an aversion to exercise, and a need to be perpetually entertained.


Neuromarketers promote food, prescription drugs and passive entertainment. They help instill addiction on unsuspecting children.

Addiction is a complex series of reactions that take place in the area of the brain called the hypothalamus.

The reactions themselves involve a receptor binding to a ligand, the universal mechanism of life, the 0's and 1’s of Nature.  


The bound-unbound state are the on’s and off’s of life, the Yin and Yang of the universe.

In its earliest incarnation, receptor binding to ligand was viewed as locks and keys in explaining the active sites of enzymes. We now know these molecular locks bind with both competitive agonists and antagonists. Both trying to occupy their binding sites.


The type and amount of receptor binding is based on the substances involved and the type of sensation involved. Sights, sounds and nerve sensations, especially those in the mouth and nose are known to trigger the binding of pleasure receptors.

Priming and repetition are two practices neuro-programmers use to enslave children.  Priming activates the brain making it more receptive to attack and more likely to develop an addiction. Repetition of attack, reinforces the addiction.

The younger a person is when exposed to these attacks the