The Poisoning of America

The land of the free and home of the brave. That’s what I was taught and how I used to view my country.

It’s now the land of the inactive and home of the obese.  It may not be everywhere and everyone but it is widespread enough to put us on a collision course with destiny. That bright, shining star on a hill has gone out; replaced with fluorescent arches.

We have become a nation of eaters not doers.

America was and still is a great country. A visionary land where people could practice whatever religion they wanted or none at at all. A tolerant place where children grew up to be anything they wanted to be. A land where immigrants were both welcomed and needed. A land were freedom rang. Unfortunately, this also provided businesses with freedoms. most damaging is the freedom to earn obscene profits by exploiting other people’s freedoms .

Corporate freedom is the guise that unscrupulous entrepreneurs and their lobyists use to justify their need for unfettered access to the psyches of children.

It isn’t enough that the foods they manufacture, and distribute are devoid of nutrients and saturated with altered oils and sugars, the real danger they pose is due to their addictive quality and the methods used to market and promote them.  

It’s a damn crime.  

They have eliminated personal choice. Ask any junkie or alcoholic if they still consider their daily fix a matter of choice.

Addiction is rooted in the molecular logic of brain chemistry. This explains why over-eaters, alcoholics or smokers override all common sense and ignore all instinctual warnings in order to abuse food, alcohol and drugs.

Foods that have been demonstrated to cause disease must be banned or taxed into oblivion. There is no constitutional right to earn billions of dollars by causing illness and disease.

Nowhere in the world, except China perhaps, are companies allowed to poison citizens and produce such unhealthiness.

The forces of unhealthiness have poisoned America.

The unhealthy are a product of addictive food, greed, pharmaceutical drugs and lack of individual restraint. This is the engine that drives the food industry as well as our medical system. This is the consequence of applying capitalism to healing. It was inevitable that profits would come before health.

Notwithstanding the surgical brilliance of American doctors, our health-care system is inferior to most if not all industrialized nations. The lack of interest in prevention, exercise and natural healing has made organized medicine the tool of pharmaceutical shareholders and disqualified its practitioners as healers. Their training and expertise is based on innovations in pharmaceutical and hospital science, not in better understanding of health.

The insistence that the America’s medical education system produces the most qualified and knowledgeable doctors on the planet, misses the point. The best doctors are the ones whose patients don’t need them. They are the doctors who practice preventive, healthy healing.  Healing attempts to prevent disease. Healers don’t earn the big bucks, surgeons do.

Healing stresses prevention, the most unprofitable, almost non-existent sub-specialty of general practice. They, along with pediatricians, represent the poorest wage-earners among physicians. 

What a travesty!

The present system depends on disease to grow. And we have lots and lots of disease is America. It’s our national sport. Disease is promoted on all levels and within all segments of society.


Boomer Generation

The generation that gave birth to our lethargic nation, the baby-boomers, are the ones who created what I call, the acronyms of illness. They are the shareholders, lawyers, lobbyists, and executives who invest, manage or work for in the industries directly responsible for either causing disease or treating its symptoms.

Like it or not Boomers are the generation in charge.

They fill the leadership roles in government, insurance and medicine. They are the consultants, advisors and CEO’s of Corporate America.

But they are also the parents and teachers who stood silently by and watched their portfolios grow as their children’s health declined. They see no connection but I do. It is their indifference that has created today’s climate of unhealthiness.

Baby-boomers, present day adults, born in the aftermath of WW II, are the generation most responsible for the ill-health of Americans.

Baby Boomer bashing will become more common as they become recognized as the generation in charge and are developing policies that only benefit themselves. 

They as a generation, are unwilling or unable, it doesn’t matter which, to change.

 They are the architects of misguided foriegn wars as well as the war on children's health. I am a member of that generation and I am not proud of it.

Drugs, war, poverty, racism, hate, ignorance, cynicism and doubt fermented in the times we grew up in, the sixties. We wanted to right injustices, keep our planet clean and live in a world where peace would be the dividend.

Our dream was to leave our children a better world to live. We were the “nabobs of negativism”, who rebelled against the America of the fifties. We were the generation who rejected the values of its parents and thought it would build a better world.

How wrong we were!

In pursuing individual needs, we lost sight of our lofty dreams. We've become complacent, no longer caring about the implications of being a species of this world. We only care about ourselves and meeting our needs. The environment and kids health, be dammed.

The choices we made reflect our transformation from selfless, wide-eyed idealists to selfish, narrow-minded henchmen whose give war a chance mentality has doomed generations, not yet born, to a life of uncertainty, fear and illness.

It is high time to pass the torch of responsibility on to a new generation. A generation unbound to the mistakes of the past. It's not genX or genY but a new generation, willing to put children before profits.

Where are our poets of protest now?  Where are the voices of outrage that resisted conformity and subservience?  They can remain silent no longer. Someone must speak out and stand up for our children.

In the sixties, baby-boomers expanded their minds and avoided reality by taking drugs. As they aged, they grew dependent on material gratification. They lost sight of what once had meaning for them and replaced their vision with an addiction to drugs, food and entertainment. So just as they avoided reality in their teens, they did it as adults. Only now that reality is aging.

Baby-boomers fear aging more than death and are willing to do anything to avoid it. And so, once again, the baby-boomers have turned to drugs. Drugs that their children will pay for.


Forever young, by whatever means!