Die Young

America is under attack; a nation besieged by disease.

A large portion of the US economy is now dedicated to the treatment of illnesses.

What is most troubling about the the attacks is, it is our cherished institutions of businesses that are behind them.

Fortune 500 companies have thrust the dagger of illness into the heart of this great nation, its children.

They have abandoned the goal of improving life and instead instilled bad behavior in children in the expectation of destroying it.

They have created a steady stream of unhealthy consumers to serve the dual role of slaves to unhealthy food and recipients of prescription drug.

Their products and practices have made our children ill, bloated our health care system with patients and filled the coffers of multinational drug companies with profits


There is a Solution. There is an Antidote.



Induce the most stressful situation known to humans and allow the body to adapt.

It's so simple!


Metabolic efficiency, the fruit of exercise.

This program focuses on harvesting that fruit by better meeting the needs of exercising muscles.

It does so, utilizing the colorful plants described in these pages.

They are foods that best meet those energy needs.

They also deliver a universe of antioxidants (flavonoids, polyphenols) and healthy fats (omega-3 and monounsaturated fatty acids) needed for recovery.

These compounds are the phytonutrients embedded in the plant’s fibers.

This Solution borrows from the practices of Ancient Healers who knew the power of plants, the importance of movement and the best
ways to promote healing.

They improved long-term health by providing foods that contain the essential plant-based, bioactive nutrients needed to fortify the body and increase its resistance to stress.

Biological agents that also detoxify, neutralize and remove agents of disease.

What the Ancients viewed as un-balancers we see as toxic agents and named them carcinogens, free radicals and drugs.

What we treat as disease, they viewed as imbalances.

Balance in healthy athletes .

Die young…. as late in life as possible!