Govenment in Denial


America has called herself, the last great hope for mankind. We believe we are ‘the best’ at everything and our nation, the envy of the world. That's pretty much how we see it. We are proud of our country and want to lead the world. So much so that we help other nations who aspire to become a land of freedom and democracy. The by-product of which is unhealthy foods and inactivity.

We further believe we are protected from illnesses by the best medical system in the world.  Unfortunately, believers refuse to let facts get in the way of their version of the truth.

We are in the midst of a kabuki dance between advocates of ObamaCare and the champions of DontCare. That we are actually discussing this, shows how effective the forces of illnesses are in America. Neither approach is going to solve the American dilemma, the proposition that the American Dream has been turned into a nightmare. That is, the fruit of that dream, the wealth of Americans is earned by poisoning and sedating children.


When it comes to the health of its citizens, America is a third-world nation. A nation, whose government has legislated a culture of corruption. A nation, founded on liberty and freedom for individuals, has been hijacked and transformed into one that protects the freedom to conduct business.


Our government, through its federal agencies, has allowed a host of businesses to operate unencumbered by the nuisances of  regulations. They have allowed these companies and their executives, the freedom to embezzle shareholders, skirt taxes, and avoid illegalities.

Specifically the agencies of the FDA, USP, USDA and the FTC, who were entrusted to ensure that citizens were protected from unhealthy foods and drugs, unethical advertising, and other unsafe products. These agencies have failed. They have placed our children at the vortex of an epidemic. It is they who are constantly exposed to the unhealthy products manufactured by America’s businesses.

America’s Failure

The land of the free and home of the brave. That’s what I was taught and how I viewed my country. That’s not what I see now. It’s now the land of the fat and home of the inactive.


America was a great concept. Unfortunately, this freedom also gives unscrupulous entrepreneurs, unfettered access to the psyche of its citizens. In addition to the lack of nutrition in American meals, the manner in which they are marketed and promoted should be a crime.


The food itself is not the whole problem. It may be devoid of nutrients and full of altered oils and sugars, but the fact is, that it is the addictive quality and marketing of it that possess the greatest threat. This is no about allowing personal choice. Ask any junkie, if it is still a choice for them.

The American diet varies from place to place and from person to person. The symptoms of the poor ones are the nutritional diseases of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


Foods that have been demonstrated to cause disease must be banned or taxed to death. There is no right to earn billions of dollars by causing disease.

The unhealthy are a product of  food industry greed, pharmaceutical intervention and the lack of individual restraint. They are the engine of our medical system and is the consequence of capitalism applied to healing. It was inevitable that profits would come before health.

We need a doctor’s and patient’s bill of rights.  We also need an agency, whose role is to protect those rights.  Instead, we have an FDA funded by Big Pharma and the Food Industry and a series of physician groups, organized to protect their members economic security. Is this what their oath means?

The forces of unhealthiness have poisoned America. While American doctors possess surgical brilliance born out of technology and education they lack any interest in prevention. This expertise, along with innovations in pharmaceutical hospital science, makes the field of healthcare a field dominated by Big Pharma. Their funding capacity is limitless as is the number of new drugs and procedures they can design.

The medical community must also share the blame. Firstly, by their impotence in directing government policies on behalf of patients, and secondly by accepting disease as somehow good for doctors.

If we are to judge a medical system on the basis of the health of the citizens it treats, then America is a third world country. Nowhere in the world is there such unhealthiness.


America’s leaders often characterize our medical system as the envy of the world. This is the voice of denial. Their knee jerk reaction in opposition to anything negative about America or its supremacy in the world, is the real threat.  For it prevents an objective assessment of our weaknesses.


The insistence that the American medical education system produces the most qualified and knowledgeable doctors on the planet, may be true but it misses the point. I believe the best doctors are the ones whose patients don’t need them. They are the doctors who practice preventive health. They don’t simply operate on patients, they heal them.

Healing stresses prevention, an unprofitable, almost non-existent sub-specialty of general practice, who not so coincidentally, along with pediatricians represent the poorest earners among physicians.

Healing attempts to prevent disease.



The Pathway to Illness

The American Diet has changed drastically over the past three decades. Food today is plentiful, profitable and unhealthy. The two components of every Diet, physical activity and calories, like magnetic poles, oppose each other in the American Diet.


There has been a marked increase in food consumption and a simultaneous decrease in the amount of activity or exercise. This is the one-two punch of chronic disease.


The diseases of modern America include the nutritional triumvirate of obesity, diabetes and hypertension, diseases of affluence. When drug abuse is included, all these diseases share one common trait, they are all diseases of choice. They are lifestyle diseases. These are the choices that threaten America.


Freedom to choose an unhealthy lifestyles is not a right that needs to be protected. Nor should a product that promotes unhealthiness be protected.


In fact, when the government reviews its policy, it will ultimately conclude that those responsible for causing disease must pay the medical bills associated with its treatment. This nutritional epidemic threatens the fiscal health of this country as well as the physical health of its citizens. No less than a revolution can save it. The solution does not lie in better methods to pay for medical care.


Improved health is the only way to reduce this medical burden.


As a nation we would be better served if all institutions required exercise as part of its work day. We would all benefit if monetary and promotional incentives were tied to participation in exercise programs. The only way to defeat unhealthiness is to make the abuser uncomfortable and the enablers of it, unprofitable.

America is sailing in uncharted waters. Unhealthiness permeates daily life. Inactivity, refined foods and a pattern of addictions comprise daily existence.

America’s sedentary majority is rotting, and as it decays, it devours more and more medical resources

No group contributes more to our national disease than baby-boomers. They are the group that gave birth and fostered. the sedentary lifestyle.

Today, baby-boomers are America’s high-maintenance group.  It’s economy is driven by an engine that feeds on a behavioral addiction or habitual need to obtain.  Pharmaceutical  drug use, to treat ailments is consumerism with a conscience.  We as a nation, are addicted to drugs. We believe there is a right to have drugs.


Drug consumerism produces longer life.  Unhealthy people used to die earlier. This isn’t preventive medicine; its preventive death. This road is a dead-end.


It’s a philosophy of medicine rooted in the scientific method. It a methodology that is doomed to fail. It’s a form of medicine that fails to alter behavior. It rewards the treatment of disease instead of its prevention.

This type of medicine benefits the shareholders of companies that research, develop, manufacture, test, market, and deliver drugs. It’s corporate structure is not unlike the rest of business. They understand what is in their best interests.


While they may extend the lives of patients, the astronomical expense associated with drug therapy, demands a new strategy. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the agency given the responsibility of safeguarding health.  The food and pharmaceutical industries have been under-regulated for many years by the Food and Drug Administration.

The New Federal Agency

The American government, through its lack of regulation, has given businesses the freedom to manufacture, market and promote any product it chooses, provided, it hasn’t already been proven to pose a health risk.

They are therefore allowed to provide addictive food, which Americans enjoy, but which they know full well will wreck havoc on their metabolism. The government permits them to poison children and hide behind the corporate veil. Nothing however, can remove their stench of evil.


The FDA has proven itself powerless as the protector of the public. They were supposed to regulate pharmaceutical drugs and dietary supplements. How could they be entrusted to regulate the hand that feeds them?

The FDA’s corruption or incompetence in regulating these industries, their laxity over the food industry, and the complete lack of regulatory control over tobacco products, makes them an agency in need of a major overhaul.


In addition to the FDA, the FTC is also due for a makeover and needs to step up to its regulatory responsibility and protect its employer, the people of America, from the unethical practices of businesses as well as their unhealthy products. The FTC needs to be empowered to make the kind of reforms it advocated in the early 1980’s but were buried and under an avalanche of litigation from the advertising and food industries.

Advertising logos, market penetration, brand-name recognition, product identification, synergy are insider terms marketers use to describe the practices and methods they employ to entice consumers to use and abuse their products. These cerebral programmers mustn’t be allowed any longer to run roughshod through the synaptic corridors of our children’s minds.

The business of healing is better left to doctors and so a  doctor’s and patient’s bill of rights is needed. We need an agency, whose role is to protect those rights.


An agency whose sole mission is to protect the individual, both as patient and taxpayer. One that is dedicated to ensuring the future health of children and young adults.


An agency whose first initiative would be to mandate that exercise become a part of every school, work or offday.


An agency empowered to ban any food, drug or practice, deemed detrimental to health and ensure that meals served in restaurants, schools and cafeterias meet a nutritional standard that promotes health.


We need an agency, infused with new blood to oversee the entire healthcare system including emergency rooms, wellness programs and drugs.


The first step towards regaining health on the national level  would begin with a complete revamping of the FDA the FTC, the DEA, and the USP.  All of these agencies should be bound together and put under the jurisdiction of a new Czar.


A Health Czar whose patient is America and whose singular purpose is insuring her health.