Selling Exercise Short


Physicians are always quick to recommend exercise to their patients.  Exercise is mentioned at every doctor’s visit, in every drug commercial, and in all the weight loss plan on the market.

It might be the lack of movement in their life or the high fat, refined carbohydrates and lack of omega 3s in their food. Maybe it’s the free radicals that attacked their cell’s receptors and altered their binding domains?  Its all this and more.



In the real world, exercise is whispered, its value, constantly diminished by society. In school, exercise is of secondary importance, well behind academic success.  In the workplace, wealth is the barometer of happiness not health.

Exercise, even among physicians, is treated with disrespect. Exercise recommendation is a part of their routine. It’s a condiment to the diets they propose. If exercise is so healthy and important how come the good doctor is in such poor shape! Could it be that like the patient, doctors have to cope with the real world and don’t have the time to take their own advice?


Doctors recommend exercise with the same conviction that hollow voices warns of debilitating diseases on drug commercials. Like these warnings, the message of exercise is dismissed.


Pharmaceutical commercials are especially good at playing down the role of exercise.  Their ads show healthy and active people in the midst of living vital and active lives.

They then explain how their drugs maintain erections, prevent bone loss, burn fat or prevent its absorption, remove unsightly hair, relieve constipation, asthma, heartburn, and diarrhea. Exercise is just a backdrop to their drugs.


Drugs ads should be banned. Drugs were classified into different schedules because the public couldn’t be expected to understand their use any more than they can remember their chemical name. Why are drug companies allowed to appeal directly to patients as if they were consumers of laundary detergent?


Clever ads pimp hearing aids, joint replacement and motorized chairs as if they were entitlements. still more ads claim to promote increased attention, wakefulness and drowsiness. Some are directed to women to help them reverse bone loss, repress herpes, and clear up acne.  They close their ads with a monotonous chant of serious side effects to warn the drug users of their potential harm.

Most viewers don’t worry about these dangers and don’t believe it affects them. After all, if anyone actually could get these diseases... who in their right mind would take them and what ethical doctor would prescribe them? They are wrong on both counts. A lot of people take these drugs and enough doctors write prescriptions for them. Drugs are dangerous.


Most patients don’t listen to their doctors when they are advised to watch what they eat and exercise. They ignore this advice. But drug advice they follow. They get their prescription filled and show up for their surgeries like clockwork. That’s the kind of compliance that would really change their life if exercise was what was followed.

Corporate Freedom

America was once a great noble idea; a beacon to the world’s people and the great hope for humanity. It was a nation founded on freedom. Freedoms codified in its bill of rights. Paramount among them is the freedom of speech.

Their method of enslaving kids and undermining their health is cloaked by this freedom. Whereas it once offered freedom to the oppressed, it now offers freedom to entrepreneurs and businesses. What was once a freedom to achieve, is now the freedom to conduct unencumbered business. What began as a freedom to choose has been hijacked into a freedom to addict consumers to unhealthy products and practices.

The rise of CorporateAmerica, that efficient and superior form of doing business, has transformed this country into one populated with people who have declining health.  It is their preoccupation with profits that has led to the decline in health and lies as the root cause of America’s ills.


Corporate decision-making is devoid of morality. The health and well-being of Americans are of no concern to the world of business. Decisions are a matter of dollars and good business sense.


The evolution of corporations may have produced astounding leaps in technological progress and significant advancements in medical and pharmaceutical science, but it has come at the loss in personal responsibility.  Executives use the cover of corporate accountability to mask their willingness to do harm.

The technological advances achieved by the corporate vehicle is offset by the loss in individual freedom.

Conformity best serves the interests of business, especially the franchise business where a burger, fries or nugget tastes the same, whether its eaten in Peoria or Pittsburgh. And just as unhealthy as well.


Corporate behavior directs personal behavior. This makes them largely responsible for creating the mess our country is in. It is their products, methods and practices that most threaten our well being. It is not the undocumented aliens, drug smugglers or even terrorists that we have been focused on.


For those who genuflect at the altar of small government, look at what laissez faire and the law of supply and demand have wrought on health.  It’s free market madness has made us a far more unhealthy country than if the government had taken decisive actions on protecting health instread of creating laws to protect business. We as a nation are more unhappy now than we were during the great depression, a time of universal misery.

The freedom businesses enjoy to conduct business, maximize profits and shelter personal responsibility behind a veil of corporate deniability, has made America the unhealthy country that it is today.

Their freedom to addict consumers to their unhealthy products has saddled our nation with a nutritional epidemic, an epidemic that shows no sign of abating.


Corporate willingness to enslave users of their products by addicting them to their powerful ligands, far outweighs any benefit that their improved efficiencies can possibly deliver. These companies are motivated by earnings, the holy grail of business, and the only way to maximizev earnings are via increased consumption of their unhealthy products.

Food is just one of the products that Corporate America depends on for a perpetual source of earnings. Others include tobacco and alcohol, video games and TV, ipods and zunes, computers and entertainment, movies and music.

Some of these products are unhealthy because of what they contain, while others are unhealthy for their ability to promote inactivity, which exacerbates the unhealthy effects of the former.

Corporate Poisons

Children are the main targets of corporate vileness, deception and greed. Through their products and marketing practices, they in effect, have removed our children’s freedom to choose.


Smoking and drinking are two examples that clearly illustrate the phenomena that what is good for shareholders is good for business, let the children be dammed.


Both tobacco products and alcoholic beverages are widely abused by teenagers from all socio-economic backgrounds. Their dangers are well known and explained to them in classrooms. Yet, it is considered uncool to not drink, and smoking adds an heir of adultness to the lives of adolescents.

Do we really believe this is a coincidence or is their a concerted effort on the part of the manufacturers of these products to promote their use by underage kids?

The answer is obvious.


The addictive practices of corporations have enslaved the obese, driven alcoholics into rehab and caused the premature deaths of untold millions.

Coupled to expensive drugs, that treat their conditions, the American nutritional epidemic is a financial windfall for the forces of unhealthiness. These corporations make up the fabric of American life.

Companies that grow, package and market unhealthy food, or their subsidiaries that prepare, deliver and serve it. Corporations that investigate, manufacture, and test drugs or its minion that approve, distribute, prescribe or administer them  in oder to cure the excesses of the former and treat their addictions.


This cycle of unhealthiness must be broken.

The tobacco industry, alcohol distilleries and international drug companies, along with the ubiquitous food franchises are enslaving consumers in order to reap enormous profits.


These companies have a vested interest in unhealthiness. In order to improve their bottom lines, they employ the expertise of experts to improve the marketing of its products.  In doing so, they enhance the addictive power of their poisons. By making consumers of its products unable to resist their lure, they have built increased earnings into their portfolios.


The tobacco industry, forced to addict new users due to the high number of smokers who have quit, undergone therapy or diet, have increased the amount of nicotine added to certain brands of cigarettes. These brands are the mentholated ones like Newport and Kool, the brands African-Americans identify with.


Alcohol distillers have long targeted kids hoping to establish brand loyalties that can last a lifetime. With over $20 billion in sales to underage drinkers, they have a lot of money at stake.

A new wrinkle is the extensively marketed, alcoholic beverage that is both sweetened and carbonated like Mike's Hard Lemonade.

Beer companies are specially adept at targeting kinds by sponsoring concerts and sporting events where their name is splattered everywhere.

Alcohol marketers also induce their addictions by advertising on TV shows and sporting events with a demographic of young viewers well as placing ads in Rolling Stone and other magazines that are popular among teens.

These corporate villains are now rewarded for for their free-wheeling behavior with big bonuses and pay raises, they need to be regulated if not incarcerated instead.