The Acronyms of Illness

 America’s opulence has fueled an epidemic.

An epidemic, comprised of three nutritional diseases; obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

The causes of these three disease are based on an inability to metabolize either fat or carbohydrate properly. This is not the actual cause, the real cause is rooted in behavior, overconsumptive behavior.

Overconsumption of food, drugs and technology, combined with the inactivity of sedentary life, is a pattern of behavior guaranteed to cause illness and misery.

And while unhappiness is one promise that life delivers on, illness doesn’t need to be part of it.

Many of the foods that are part of the American diet cause disease. By changing the types and amount of food eaten, a healthy person can prevent disease.

The American diet is built on excess.

Overeating has wrecked havoc on the metabolic systems of children and rendered them susceptible to developing eating disorders. The danger posed to society by chronic illnesses is due to the cost of treating these disorders and the addictions that spring from them.

Americans have become addicted and ill from unhealthy food and the inactivity that accompanies it.  As such they serve the dual role as consumers of unhealthy food and patients for prescription drugs.

America’s corporate citizens, empowered by the science of neuromarketing and the addictive nature of eating, have nutritionally molested the senses and psyches of children.

A lifetime of illness and dependence on drugs was deemed inconsequential when measured against potential profits. In order to properly portray these dastardly villains, I have divided these profiteers of poisons and the industries and interests they represent, into fictitious groups based on whether they cause illness or treat their symptoms.


FEMA, PIMP, and PIG are fictitious entities that I have created to describe the individuals, businesses and interests who manufacture, distribute, lobby, legislate, regulate, litigate and insure the unhealthy products, practices and policies that makes people sick.

I call these groups 'The Acronyms of Illness'. They are flaming the fires of this American epidemic and undermining the security of this nation.

This is a homegrown epidemic. It is part of a unspoken, unwitting and underhanded conspiracy to ensure poor health in Americans.


As a result of ignorance, laxity and corruption, America is now in the maintenance phase of a nutritional epidemic. An epidemic fueled by the illnesses of obesity, diabetes and atherosclerosis; metabolic diseases that result from an inability to metabolize either sugar (diabetes) or fat (heart disease) properly.

The acronyms of evil have transformed America from pioneering superpower into a complacent, unfit, global bully. We are falling behind the entire world in caring for its citizens in terms of healthcare. And to make matters worse, the economic boom has gone bust and the bills' due.


Processed food, pharmaceutical drugs and chronic disease have replaced military hardware as America’s most dangerous exports. As a nation, we no longer are a beacon beckoning the world’s oppressed. We’ve instead become a metaphorical fluorescent arch encouraging food and drug consumption 24-7.

FEMA, PIMP and PIG are predatory organizations whose role in this epidemic is in causing disease and managing their symptoms.

These entities collectively, are responsible for promoting illness, developing cures and delivering health-care. By no means is it my intention to indict the teams of researchers, physicians, nurses and technicians who have dedicated themselves to improving the lives of others.

No. I only want to point out that the companies complicit in fermenting illness act via the actions of their executives and the silence of of its shareholders. They are supported by government indifference and a policy of 'free-market' economics. Together they permitted an epidemic of nutritional diseases to take hold. It is now a part of growing up in America. This insidious epidemic has spread across all economic groups and if left unchecked threatens the very survival of this nation.

Not only are they poisoning our kids and endangering our nation, but our laws have allowed the evil-does to avoid accountability by hiding behind a corporate veil, thereby escaping both moral and legal responsibility


America’s Food, Entertainment, Media, and Advertising industries (FEMA) spearheads the attack on children. FEMA instilled unhealthy habits in children and in doing so, ignited a nutritional wildfire and modern-day plague across America.

FEMA manufactures, promotes and distributes the products that makes people ill.  They have unleashed a war on children, which threatens the future stability of this once great nation.

The cacophony of products, practices and policies they provide have polluted the bodies of Americans and left illness in its wake. Their attacks are part of a wide-ranging assault on health and are responsible for the alarming increase in the chronic diseases of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

These diseases, as pointed out, are the result of unhealthy food, sedentary behavior and the self-regulation of businesses.

Instead of a mutation in the genetic code or a viral or bacterial agents, these diseases are spread by overconsumption, overtreatment, and inactivity.

Instead of damage, healing and recovery, these diseases are innocuous at first but then enter a chronic state, requiring increasingly expensive medicines and technology-dependent surgeries.

FEMA, the government agency, stood silent when Mother Nature attacked New Orleans. Fictional FEMA attacks millions of children and countless unborn Americans, while the government stands silent.

Children were chosen as the prime targets for FEMA’s aggressive marketing and unethical advertising. These multinational companies, armed with the might of money and protected by teams of lawyers, are able to saturate the airwaves and cyberspace with messages of ‘constant consumption’ while others decry the behavior of kids.

FEMA’s products caused our children to fall victim to disease. Children were the ones chosen because they are vulnerable and were left defenseless by the guardians of society. Neuromarketers first made them malleable by the use of repetitive messaging and then primed their subconscious with gratifying signals that made them susceptible to a slew of unhealthy and addictive chemicals.


FEMA’s foods are filled with fat and fructose.


FEMA’s blatant disregard for health, especially childrens’, have spawned an epidemic of nutritional illnesses. Under their relentless and continuous attacks, our children have become overweight, out-of-shape and destined for misery.

The illnesses forming inside their bodies were planned, seeded and orchestrated by FEMA, an alignment of businesses, interests and industries, organized around the profits of illness. Illnesses due to a combination of poor nutritional habits and the unhealthy environment that created them. This is one very inconvenient truth.


The ability of these businesses to freely instill illness in children is an insidious and growing cancer on the health of our nation.


The food, entertainment, media and advertising companies are most responsible for causing disease as well as the misery, unhappiness and death that comes with it. The impact that obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease have  on this country is incalculable. The cost of care, loss of productivity and the negative self image it promotes, are just a few of the consequences.

Nutritional illnesses are at pandemic levels. This allows drug companies, medical device manufacturers, hospitals and the insurance industry to earn enormous money by developing and delivering treatments. Their profits are linked to people becoming and remaining unhealthy. Is it no wonder that illness is rampant.




PIMP is my descriptive acronym for the humongous Pharmaceutical-Insurance-Medical-Provider complex that runs healthcare.

PIMP is an organization built around the companies that benefit from treating illnesses.

PIMP is the treatment counterpart to FEMA. PIMP profits from the diseases that FEMA caused.


FEMA and PIMP have forged an unspoken and unwitting alliance based on their mutual benefit from illness; one causing them, the other treating their symptoms.  Each alike in a dependence on a multitude of unhealthy consumers and ill patients.


Slaves to FEMA and Johns for PIMP.


The obese, Type II or adult-onset diabetics, heart patients, and overweight children are victims of an undeclared war on health. They are the unfortunate ones who are suffering from nutritional diseases and being treated with drugs. These drugs don’t eliminate the unhealthy, processed and refined foods, they just manage the symptoms they cause. With close to fifty per cent of Americans classified as obese, PIMP has it’s hands full.


PIMP responded in the early stages of the epidemic by developing  NSAIDs, lipase inhibitors, statins, coxibs, serotonin re-uptake inhibitors, nitric oxide stimulators, biguanides, beta blockers, h2 inhibitors, leptin-emulators, ghrelin-inhibitors, secretagogues and painkillers. At least two of their miracle cures, rushed to market by pharmaceutical companies and quickly approved by the FDA, have been found to be death traps.

For example, both the arthritis wonder drug Vioxx, and the diabetes drug Avandia, which had many opponents prior to approval, are now known to be responsible for cardiovascular accidents and increasing the possibility of death. But that won’t stop them from rushing to market, a host of new miracle cures.

FEMA instills illness in Americans while PIMP treats them. FEMA has turned consumers of its products into patients for PIMP. That’s quite a convenient synergy.  Instead of preventing poor nutritional behavior by prohibiting unhealthy products, PIMP develops new drugs and performs invasive procedures to treat the n diseases they cause.

Doctors are therefore trained to routinely and often unnecessarily, prescribe statins, lipase inhibitors, diuretics, beta-blockers, hypoglycemic, anti-inflammatory drugs to treat the symptoms of nutritional diseases. Other drugs are prescribed to treat heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, anxiety, attention deficits, allergy, arthritis and erectile dysfunction. Miracle cures for America’s fears. These drugs together with steroids, used in hormone replacement therapy and birth prevention, are further examples of the widespread dependence of drugs by PIMP, and how they want to manage chronic diseases.

Take fat for example, the most visible sign of chronic illnesses. Fat collects around the abdomen, the buttocks, thighs, neck, jowl, fingers, even toes. Of course fat isn’t limited to these visible areas but also collects unseen on the inside or intima of arteries. Both the little ones in the heart as well as the big ones that feed the brain.


Dietary fat is managed with drugs like Alli (Orlistat) that prevent its absorption from the intestine. Diabetes also leads to an increase in fat production and oral hypoglycemic agents like the biguanides of Avandia with their serious side effects are used to improve insulin sensitivity thereby lowering blood sugar levels.

Internal fat, which builds up on the inside of blood vessels, is treated with a library of statins including Crestor, Zocor, and Lipitor. These drugs lower cholesterol levels by reducing the amount of low-density lipoproteins or lousy-cholesterol in the body.

While these drugs are effective in reducing fat, regulating sugar and lowering cholesterol levels, they can not claim to be a solution. The only real solution is in not succumbing to these diseases in the first place.




PIG, the third wheel in America’s axis of evil is made up PhRMA, the insurance lobby and as host of government regulators who serve as buffers between the purveyors of illness and their victims.

PIG is composed of trade groups, unions, lobbying firms, legal teams and federal agencies who created the rules.  They are the politicians, lobbyists, consultants, lawyers, agents, medical reviewers and regulators who were supposed to prevent FEMA and PIMP from running roughshod over the bodies, brains and blood vessels of America’s children.


BigPharma, the first P in PIMP is an industry in need of real reform and re-regulation. They are uniquely situated at the crossroads of illness and treatment.  BigPharma benefits from unhealthy food, inactivity and the power of addiction. They depend on the diseases they cause and make no attempt to alter the behavior that led to illness. They don’t directly fund disease, they leave that to others.

What Big Pharma does control is its prices. They accomplished that, courtesy of a benevolent Congress and the great big pharmaceutical giveaway of 2003, which presented baby boomers and drug companies with a lifetime of ‘free’ drugs and no price controls.


Pharmaceutical bureaucrats are no more concerned with health than tobacco executives were about preventing cancer. They like distillers, tobacco companies and drug cartels, need consumers who are addicted to their products.

This is not meant to indict the great many dedicated scientists and others who are employed by them and who do their best with the instruments they are given. In many cases their efforts are used to enslave the very people whose lives they are dedicated to saving.

Our healthcare system is broken. Free market capitalism applied to healthcare is a recipe for waste, inefficiency and malpractice.

Free market capitalism hasn’t worked in the financial arena where it was invented and fee-for-service medicine won’t work either. The enormous economic and political clout of PIMP combined with the indifference of PIG assures that FEMA’s attack on health will continue.  Illness is just too profitable to put a stop to.


Illness is oil for the healthcare system. As a consequence of FEMA’s diseases and PIMP’s treatment of them, America has been transformed into the land of the lethargic and home of the obese.


In treatment we trust.


PIG’s s goal is not to eliminate disease but to protect the monopolies who profit from them. They allow patients to suffer by  promoting the unsound and unhealthy policies that made them sick.

PIG was supposed to enact and enforce laws that protect our most precious of natural resources, our children. They needed protection, not the businesses that prey on them. They instead granted the pharmaceutical industry exemption from oversight and gave them the power to monitor, promote and regulate themselves. I thought monopolies were supposed to be outlawed.

PIG enabled insurance carriers, the I in PIMP to position themselves as for-profit middlemen. Their bottom line is medical loss ratios and therefore need to delay, deny and cancel coverage to patients, and reduce payments to doctors, hospitals and physicians.  As they pocket the savings, their loss ratio improves, which impresses the institutional investors and hedge fund managers of Wall Street, whose approval is essential to shareholder value.

It is interesting to note that one federal agency stands at the crossroads of FEMA, PIMP and PIG. Both food and drugs are  regulated by the same agency, the FDA.


The inability of the FDA to stand up for the rights of children is erectile dysfunction on a governmental level.