Childhood Epidemic



Nutritional illness strikes at the heart and soul of this nation, our children. They were intentionally positioned at the epicenter of corporate malevolence because they are defenseless. Their illnesses are the consequence of a society dedicated to creating wealth through the destruction of health.

Children were the intended victims of this undeclared war on health because they are the group most susceptible to the power of suggestion and the least able to resist an assault on their senses. They were chosen by fast food merchants, entertainment conglomerates, and pharmaceutical giants because children have no political clout.

Their future ill-health guarantees long-term profits for the rich and powerful companies who depend on them and their illnesses for the untold riches they will provide. It is their future need for continual, expensive treatment that drives the stock values and is expected to fill the coffers of the multinational drug companies for generations to come.


As our children’s bodies deteriorate and their spirits darken, they cast a giant shadow across the face America. Ill children are the Babyboomer generation’s contribution to history, a blight on the future of humanity. Their unproductive and lethargic lives, a metaphor for all that has gone wrong in the pursuit of the American Dream.

Most noticeable is the soaring rate of nutritional diseases among children. Obesity, diabetes and hypertension, a triad of metabolic disorders, are now at epidemic proportions. These maladies are chronic illnesses that develop over time and require constant monitoring and continual treatment.

Chronic diseases are the inverse of deficiency diseases. They are diseases caused by overconsumption and affect children the most.


Obesity, diabetes and heart disease are diseases of excess. They are caused by a failure to metabolize carbohydrates or fats properly.


There is little doubt that the vast majority of metabolic diseases are not due to a genetic defect or hereditary disorder but instead are the consequence of poor choices and bad habits. While decisions are the responsibility of the individual, when these decisions are made under the influence and duress of a powerful neuromarketing program, they no longer are made out of a free will.

Utilizing aggressive advertising and behavioral modification techniques children were programmed to crave unhealthy food and sedentary activity. What they eat, as well as the frequency and amount they eat, is therefore not simply a matter of personal choice. Their behavior was influenced by corporate malevolence and exacerbated by a systematic assault on their senses. Their psyches were primed with gratifying and pleasure scented signals, while their food is laced with addictive and altered chemicals and their snacks filled with fat, salt and sugar,


As a consequence, inside the blood vessels, glands and muscles of children lurks a ticking, time bomb; an exploding worm of malfunctions and abnormalities. Once detonated, they trigger a cascade of molecular attacks leading to widespread cell dysfunction.  These events eventually alters the body’s hormone and lipoprotein receptors and throw its inner chemistry out of balance.


As these children they grow, they will become increasingly unable to burn the growing number of calories they consume and allow unhealthy molecular debris to build up inside their arteries.


Once symptoms of metabolic diseases appear, a lifetime of treatment and drugs awaits them. Those who refuse treatment or are denied it because of financial concerns or lack of insurance, will require even more drastic treatment later on. This never ending cycle is repeating itself in countless number of children, in every town and city across this once great land. Unhealthy Children

Previous generations of children yearned to move and exercise. They were active and therefore devoted less time to eating than today’s kids. The inactive and sedentary lives that children now lead in this bountiful land has led to a breakdown in nutritional discipline. Children are satisfied with eating, chilling and engaging in virtual activity.  Children who fail to exercise, only hasten their decay and fall into the trap set by America’s businesses.

Overweight, out-of-shape kids are the victims of America’s nutritional wasteland. Kids need help and exercise is their only solution. They need to move in order to rid their bodies of all the excess calories they consume before it can be deposited as fat. Furthermore, children must be monitored to ensure that they increase their metabolic rate everyday without the aid of drugs.

Children who are inactive and overeat will eventually lose metabolic control over their cell’s machinery, rendering them prone to illness. Metabolic malfunction will have prevented their hormones from properly regulating their blood’s sugar and lipid levels, and inactivity has atrophied their muscles.

When receptors become damaged, they no longer respond as designed. Damaged receptors prevent the proper removal of fat from the blood and also prevents muscle cells from utilizing and acquiring sugar, two major functions of the liver.

As the damage to their livers progresses, it becomes unable to rid the increasing amounts of fat and toxins consumed. So instead of eliminating them, they instead buildup inside blood vessels and fat cells. The resulting obesity, diabetes and heart disease is therefore directly linked to food and the lack of physical activity.

Children who become addicted to food will also become dependent on drugs to manage the diseases they cause. The diseases themselves will not only cause great unhappiness and untold misery to the individual, but they also threaten the fiscal survival of our nation because the costs associated with managing them will devour all our non-discretionary spending.

Food and drugs are very profitable businesses. They benefit owners, investors and shareholders. They pay for air time and sponsor football, basketball and baseball games on TV.  And while TV provides a slight reprieve from the grind of life and helps relieve stress, the messages they carry will resonate in hospitals and clinics for years to come.

Children have been programmed to eat at every opportunity. Not only do they eat more frequently than children of previous generations, but their choices in food have also drastically changed. Frequent snacking with high calorie, low nutritional value foods initiated the disorders described above. The excess calories they consume and the fat that becomes stored only serve to exacerbate their altered and damaged metabolism.


The human body responds to caloric excess by storing it as fat. At one time in our evolutionary history, this fat was burned during times of hardship. Since starvation and hardship conditions never materialize in the modern world, at least among non-exercising Americans, these fat reserves continue to grow.

While fat accumulates in all the wrong places, it produces a negative self-image that spawns yo-yo dieting and diet drugs. And once the symptoms associated with excess fat develop, they are treated with more diets, stronger drugs and ultimately end in invasive surgeries and sometimes death.


Fat that is deposited on the inner lining of blood vessels causes heart disease and is the target of pharmaceutical drugs. Visible fat, that along the waist, thighs, and buttocks are a source of shame and causes a loss in  self-esteem. This type of fat is also the focus of a variety of weight loss schemes and a host of miracle drugs designed to eliminate it.