American health-care is a sick-care system that cares very little about health. It is is grossly expensive and inefficient method to manage illnesses.

It is a a disease managemet system that robs patients of their health and doctor’s of their art.

Instead of healing, doctors use sophisticated laboratory tests, powerful drugs and invasive surgeries to treat. Instead of humanity, efficiency is the key to practicing medicine.

In modern or sedentary medicine, the usual method of managing illnesses is with drugs. Prevention of disease is an afterthought. Expensive surgical procedures and pharmaceutical interventions are designed to prevent sick people from dying. And as long as they live, they can continue to receive that 'benefit'.

The aim over the health-care overhaul is not to improve health, it’s to manage illnesses, more economically.

From a system that grew out of local customs and plants, medical treatment has evolved into a byzantine business that spans the gap between forces that cause disease and the ones that profit from it. As it stands, modern medicine treats patients as consumers of care and doctors as providers of services. They no longer share the bond of patient and healer. The warmth and trust needed for healing is due to this unique relationship and that has been destroyed.  It has been replaced with cool efficiency, plenty of prescriptions and Nurse Ratchett type cost control.

In this system the only way to stay healthy is to not get sick.

Questionable tests, patient complaints and frivolous lawsuits, have help construct a system that rewards disease and encourages long-term drug use. They have made both the doctor in prescribing them and the patients in taking them addicted to the practice of medicine.

Good health is not simply the absence of detectable disease.

While we import computers, clothing and oil from abroad, our new economy is driven by companies that cause and treat illness. Instead of homes, cars and military hardware, our precious resources are used to administer medical tests, perform expensive procedures and provide prescription drugs.

As America continues to grapple with a long-overdue, overhaul of its health-care system, millions of children continue to develop illnesses.

While the American Medical Association, the Insurance lobby and BigPharma fight to protect their piece of this cash-cow, more and more children get ill. And while corporations earn enormous profits from the cause and treatment of disease, a plague rages across this land.

American corporations have initiated a pandemic of nutritional illnesses with children as their intended victims.

In laying out the dimensions of this plague, I have taken the liberty to fictionalize the illnesses of children as part of a grand conspiracy. This in no way is meant to trivialize their plight or diminish the misery it has caused. It is rather intended to dramatize their dilemma and appeal to our country’s moral instinct and historical ability to respond to threats.  We need to confront the problem as if an enemy had attacked us. We respond better that way.

Instead of playing three-card Monty with health-care dollars, America needs to find a real solution to end this 21st Century plague. Healthy kids would be a nice first step.

This program provides a prescription for Americans to avoid becoming victims and a compass for America to return to its earlier status as the world’s last best hope.