The Athlete’s Solution

The term diet (diata is Greek and translates as way of living) is an expression that indicates a pattern of living with an emphasis on eating.

The original intent of the word was to assign the sum total of daily activities to a state of balance. Normal life in the ancient world burned more energy to fuel daily functions than modern life does.

The early medical philosophers thought the part of the diet that burned fuel was constant, unchanging and virtually unalterable. We now know that the amount burned varies with age, sex, and metabolic state. Exercise requires the most fuel and increases the metabolic rate over one thousand times. 

The Athlete’s Solution is a return to the original intent and meaning of the word diet.

It is a program of vigorous exercise and sound nutrition to promote good health and maintain maximum fitness.

Intense physical activity, with its huge expenditure of energy, is fundamental to good health.

Furthermore, it is the athlete’s favorable response to the physical stress of exercise, rather than the exercise itself, which is responsible for good health.  I call this the fruit of exercise.

Moderate the amount of comfort food, not the amount of exercise.

The Athlete’s Solution is a strategy to avoid the chronic diseases that have reached epidemic proportion in America. It is based on stimulating the body to heal itself through a program that combines colorful nutrition with intense physical exertion. This is a non-diet approach to good health.

It differs from other programs by its assumption that exercise is a daily component of life and then recommends the foods and supplements needed to best meet the demands of exercising muscles. It is a strategy built on colorful, complex carbohydrates, fatty fish, lean meats and healthy fats.  It de-emphasizes portion size and the concept of proportional dieting. This is a diet for someone who enjoys working-out and eating. It's a Mediterranean style diet.

For those inclined, grains and legumes can be eliminated to more resemble the diet of cavemen


Good health is the residue of good fitness. Fitness requires sound nutrition and regular exercise. A good diet fuels that exercise and provides the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that counter the physical stress of exercise.

 Let food be thy medicine.

Traditional Healers of Greece, Rome and Asia share one common trait; they all focus on correcting imbalances in the body. They devised natural therapies to reverse the imbalance. They reversed them through the use of plants (herbs) or by the insertion of tiny needles along meridian on the body (acupuncture) or by the delivery of particles of electromagnetic waves (scalar) on chosen paths of the body. Other methods include yoga and breathing techniques.

The concept of illness requiring corrective balancing forces is as old as human thought. Local plants, spiritual healing, mind exercises; all operate on regulating two opposing forces.

These forces are described in term of cell membrane receptors and the molecules they interact with. The proper binding of foods and their receptors on cell membranes and enzymes is essential to good health.

On the other hand, receptors that become damaged are recognized differently. For example, free radicals that damage lipoproteins will prevent their normal elimination from the body. Instead of being removed, the damaged lipoproteins (cholesterol) become the foci of inflammation that develop into the chronic disease of atherosclerosis.

In addition, the substitution of high fructose corn syrup for sugar in soft drinks, which began in the 1980’s causes overeating because it interfers with leptin and its binding to hunger receptors.

Autoimmune diseases, coronary heart disease, cancer, arthritis, dementia, as well as the established connection to obesity and diabetes are thus explained as the result of an improper binding of cell receptors. A colorful diet will provide the antioxidants needed to protect receptors.This program outlined in The Athlete’s Solution depends on exercise. The cellular benefit of exercise is based on the improved metabolism that accompanies it.

Exercise improves all molecular interactions by enhancing the the binding capacity of receptors.

Exercise shifts the gears of metabolism into overdrive. Exercise causes insulin activity to improve, enhances glucose-receptor binding, and mobilizes fats for metabolism.

On the other hand, sedentary inactivity causes membrane receptors to become desensitized to insulin causing cells to fail in transporting and metabolizing glucose properly and promotes fat deposition.


Exercise forces the creation of collateral blood supplies while inactivity promotes the deposition of plaque in blood vessels.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the agency responsible for regulating the development, distribution, use and disposal of pesticides. The use of pesticides overfeeds Americans by dramatically increasing crop yields at the expense of natural events like insects, fungi and weeds.

These pesticides are chemicals that also bind with receptors, initiating the disease process.

Nature’s harmony is best supported when natural compounds bind to their respective receptors.

Traditional healing is based on this harmony.  On the other hand, unhealthy food and drugs alter receptors causing addiction and illness.

The Athlete's Solution recommends whole and organic foods when possible. It attempts to eliminate refined foods as well as unhealthy additives and preservatives.