An Axis of Illness

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America’s corporate citizens are guilty of nutritionally molesting the senses and psyches of children.


 Where is the outcry?


A lifetime of illnesses and an increasing dependence on drugs waits children.

They can expect a huge decline in health relative to previous generations.


It was not an accident

This was orchestrated effort to undermine the health of this nation through teaching chikdren to become inactive and onvercosuming of techbology and food.


The intended effect of this effort is to maintain dominance of our ruinous economy.


In order to properly portray these dastardly villains, I have given them descriptive names.

I decided to demonize these profiteers of poisons and castigate the industries and interests they represent because they are we.


While this may be disturbing to consider, it is a fact that these major companies benefit from illness.


Either in directly causing it or reaping the benefits from their treatment.

The groups responsible can be neatly divided into fictitious camps depending on whether they cause disease or manage their symptoms.


FEMA, PIMP, and PIG are the three predatory organizations that describe the individuals, businesses and interests who manufacture, distribute, lobby, legislate, regulate, litigate and insure the unhealthy products, practices and policies that makes people sick.


These are the acronyms of illness.


They have a symbiotic relationship with each other; each industry feeding and needing one another.


FEMA represents America’s Food, Entertainment, Media, and Advertising industries. FEMA instilled unhealthy habits in children and in doing so, ignited a nutritional wildfire and modern-day plague across America.


FEMA manufactures, promotes and distributes the products that makes people ill.  FEMA’s has spearheaded an attack on children, which shows no sign of abating.


PIMP on the other hand is a descriptive acronym for the humongous Pharmaceutical-Insurance-Medical-Provider complex that runs healthcare. PIMP represents the companies who benefit from treating illnesses.


PIMP is the treatment counterpart to FEMA. PIMP profits from the diseases that FEMA caused.


FEMA and PIMP have forged an alliance based on their mutual benefit from illness; one causing it, the other treating its symptoms. Each bound by their common dependence on unhealthy consumers otherwise known as ill patients.



 Slaves to FEMA and Johns for PIMP.


PIG, the third wheel in America’s axis of evil is made up PhRMA, the insurance lobby and a host of government regulators, bureaucrats and intermediaries whose role in healthcare is to act as buffers between the purveyors of illness and their victims.


PIG is composed of the various trade groups, unions, lobbying firms, legal arms and federal agencies who created the the rules.  They are the lobbyists, consultants, attorneys, agents, medical reviewers and administers who were supposed to prevent FEMA and PIMP from running roughshod over the bodies, brains and blood vessels of America’s children.



PIMPcare employs many who once worked for the government and who can now use those contacts and peddle their influence and former status to affect the decisions their former bosses make on healthcare.


PIMPcare best describes our profit driven system that rewards compliance from doctors and promotes unhealthiness in patients. It provides a false sense of security to patients and a a financial incentive to doctors who it treats as pawns. Despite the multitude of tests, treatment options and surgeries available to doctors, people are sicker than they used to be.


PIMPcare is the predicted result of healthcare capitalism linked to free market medicine. It is a system that puts profits before patients.


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