Endangered Environmrnt

Endangered Environment

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the federal agency, charged with regulating the use of chemicals, including pesticides and fertilizer and safeguarding our water, air and land. They are also responsible for allowing the addition of over a billion pounds of pesticide per year to American soil. What effects they cause on the children that consume those foods remains unknown.


Fertilizer runoff is another of the dangers that industrialized farming has brought to America and another factor contributing to the decline of American meals.

Our pristine brooks, streams and creeks are now carrying pollutants like nitrates from fertilizer as they make their way into America’s lakes and rivers. These nitrogen molecules are needed for crops to grow. Bacteria are supposed to remove the excess fertilizer from water through denitrification, a process which enables the bacteria to convert nitrate to nitrogen, and then release it back into the atmosphere as a gas. But because of the enormous amount of fertilizer used, the amount of nitrates is far greater than the amount of bacteria and these larger bodies of water experience an explosive growth in algae, which depletes the oxygen in the water killing fish and other sea life.


The resulting increase in the cost of wild omega-3 rich, fish benefits the meat and dairy industry and increases the profits for corporate farmers.  In fact, corporate fish farms have filled the void and provide farm raised fish to America’s supermarkets.

The manner and methods they use to produce uniform color, size and texture is a testament to genetic engineering and the efficiency of the food industry. What it says about the nutritional content of the meals, which they are a part of, is another matter.

The basic premise of The American Epidemic is that the food served to Americans is both fattening and addictive. Not only is the food laced with addictive compounds, so too are the  messages. Marketing professionals saturate the various media and seduce children with technology.  Children now reach out and eat at every opportunity.


Not to long ago, hunger was a serious problem in the developing world. That is no longer the case. With close to 2 billion people worldwide condsidered obese, compared to 750 million underweight people, it is clear that obesity is the greater threat to health and children are the visible proof and America has led the way.


Citizens of the world have gone from being ill out of poverty to becoming sick due to affluence.

Obesity became a force when food manufacturers decided to use corn whenever it could. Corn for fattening, sweetning, protecting, lubricating, thickening, and waxing.


With the introduction of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) in the early 1980’s to sweeten soft drinks, the food industry discovered the best way to fatten children as well as the chicken, cows and pigs that garner more money when slaughtered. Cows are thus not the only animals fattened up on a diet of corn.


Burgers, fries and soft drinks all contain corn. In fact, most of the foods found on supermarket shelves also contain corn in one form or another. The list includes cookies, margarine, ketchup, mayonnaise, cucumbers, canned vegetables, cheese spreads, flour, breads,  and carbonated beverages.  It should come as no surprise that corn is a heavily subsidized crop.