Uncharted Waters

Health Burdens

America is sailing in uncharted waters. Unhealthiness is a part of  life. Inactivity, refined foods, worries, stress and addictions are now a part of the daily fabric of American life.


America’s economy is driven by an engine that feeds on behavioral addictions and habitual needs.


America’s sedentary majority is rotting. And as it decays, it is devouring more and more medical resources and dolling out more benefits, courtesy of insurance and medicare.


Insured patients are afforded every freedom regarding drugs and surgeries except of course the freedom to die. Extending life for individuals who disregarded their own health is another example of the lack of personal responsibility. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the boomers.

No group contributes more to our national malaise than the boomers. They are the group that gave birth and fostered the sedentary lifestyle.


Boomers are America’s high-maintenance group. Aging, unhealthy boomers are using up medical resources and spending healthcare dollars like drunken sailors. Their obvious disregard for their own health is dwarfed only by their total disregard for their children’s fiscal future. They believe they are entitled to whatever benefits they receive because they worked their entire lifetime.


The first wave of boomers will soon retire and begin collecting social security. In addition to this entitled expense or entitlement, as these boomers age, they will grow more inactive and need even more medical care. As more and more of them receive medical care, prescription drug benefits, and nursing home care, economic ruin will become a possibility.

The unhealthy insured will eventually be recognized as a burden to American businesses. For now, they are simply a good source of profits and insuring their care is just a part of the cost of doing business.  In reality they are an albatross around PatientAmerica.


As a group, the uninsured represent a real and present danger to the financial underpinnings of our health care system. By some accounts there are well over 50 million of them. Many of which are in desperate need of care but are unable or unwilling to seek it.


The swelling number of unhealthy, uninsured, Americans,  legal or otherwise, seeking treatment will become an enormous financial burden while the healthy who don’t need treatment opt out of the system.


Individuals who are young and healthy, don’t usually need treatment. And so they have decided, based on the enormous cost of health insurance, that they would be wise to opt out of the system. They have chosen to save that money that would have been spent on insurance premiums and use it for more pressing needs like rent, food and student loans. Unfortunately, this only makes insurance premiums more expensive for everyone else.


Unless they have a catastrophic illness, they will never miss the coverage. They may also be better off without it. Later on, if they join the ranks of the unhealthy, they will join the system, pay their premium and add to the national burden.


The American diet varies from place to place and from person to person. The symptoms of the poor ones are the nutritional diseases of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.