School Stress

American schools stress academics at the expense of activity and sports. As a result of this imbalance, they consequently produce a better educated but more unhealthy class of graduates.

Schools counter this argument by claiming that their graduates are better prepared for careers this way. The twenty or more extra pounds and future medical costs that accompany their training is the price graduates must pay for such excellence.


The most select and elite schools in America stress extra-curricular activities when evaluating students for admission. They require and boast about freshman seminars to broaden their student’s interest and bring them up to speed with respect to their writing skills. They lecture on the evils of alcohol and then turn a blind eye to binging off campus.


But their hypocrtical policies is best demonstrate by failing to require students to exercise after accepting them based on the extracuriculars they participated in high school.

In other words, students better be healthy and have good exercise and nutritional habits when they enter college. They surely can’t count on the army of advisors, councilors, and professors helping them in this regard when they get there.


As the father of two college students, I am not impressed with either their methods nor their results. In fact I am appalled at how little regard they have for the health of students. The selection of foods, the absence of a requirement to maintain any level of fitness, and the overall luxury status conferred on people who workout.

It shames me as an American, educator, doctor, and father to witness the physical decline they have contributed to.


It is shameful that our schools, colleges and institutions of higher learning place no value on activity.Inactivity and poor nutrition are two components of sedentary stress that schools could reverse. Instead schools promote a sedentary state by its overemphasis on grades.


School children, teens and young adults are the victims of the sedentary state that now envelopes America. Not only are they forced into inactivity by the need for better grades but since they were infants, they were the intended targets of the companies that peddle unhealthiness.

Infants, with their ‘empty slate’ or tabula rasa remain the prime target for the programming of impulses, desires and images, which are profitable to the peddlers of poison.

The health of graduates should be included when evaluating the top schools in America, not just academic yardsticks. Maybe then they would give more than token mention for the need to exercise. The degrees, honors and awards they bestow are meaningless if the conferees are unhealthy, or on the path to unhealthiness.

Students should be required to maintain minimal fitness levels to graduate form university and workers should be required to participate in exercise program in order to advance up the corporate ladder.

Without exercise as a part of daily life, Americans will continue to slog along their unhealthy path. It doesn’t matter if they are well educated or highly skilled, nor does it make a difference what their 401K or retirement portfolio is worth. All their training has prepared them for is a sedentary life and premature death.



Doomed Generation

A new generation of children face serious illnesses as a result of their own poor nutritional behavior and the unhealthy food that makes up their diet.


If this behavior wasn’t enough to cause disease, the inactivity that makes up school life is.


The situation does not improve any, and in fact it gets worse when they enter the workforce, since their jobs and therefore their earnings are tied to inactivity.

Their only respite from sedentary stress is their leisure time, which is the period of the day when they can reverse sedentary stress by exercising.


Unhealthy behavior has been ingrained and programmed into the subconscious minds of children as a matter of policy.

The sedentary stress, poor eating and exercise habits that this causes has left our children with a lifetime of medical needs.


Without root behavioral change, these future adults are doomed to age even more prematurely than their boomer parents. Highly trained doctors will be there to prescribe drugs to treat their unpleasant conditions.

Doctors, who have been schmoozed into prescribing specific brands and newer, more expensive therapies, are a more than willing participant in their march to illness. Fortunately for them, there will also be many skilled surgeons available who are capable of cleaning up the mess.

Prevention is their only hope. The goal of prevention is to avoid the need for those treatments, and the only way to achieve that is through exercise. Mandatory, compulsory exercise.


Most chronic diseases are disease of the sedentary state. Combined with mental stress, sedentary stress produces unhappiness.  By incorporating activity in their day, children can avoid the need for drugs and live healthier and longer lives.


Sedentary stress causes unhealthiness. Exercise reverses the effects of sedentary stress. Exercise improves health. It is the mantra and soul of this book.


Unfortunately this nation is headed down the wrong track and kids will not be educated on the merits of exercise and good nutrition.

So long as the assults on health are permitted to continue, the health of children will continue to deterioate. As more kids choose virtual activity instead physical exertion, and as more them succumb to compulsive eating instead of healthy nutrition, the faster will be the decline.


These two trends explains why the percentage of obese children has skyrocketed over the last two decades and why it only promises to get worse.