America is blessed with talented individuals who devote themselves to improving the human condition by managing the misery caused by illness. 

They are the physcians, nurses, scientists, engineers and others whose magnificent technological achievements deliver the procedures and pharmaceutical drugs that the American health care system is built on.

Unfortunately, these sophisticated technologies have relegated the art of healing to the scrap heap of medical ideas.

Healing has been replaced by treatment.

This substitution benefits pharmaceutical companies a lot more than it does patients. They earn enormous profits from treatment The doctor gets paid, the drug company makes money, the losers are the patients and the nation.

Modern medical treatment is geared to minimize the symptoms of disease. It’s based on doctors and scientists developing new technologies to intervene in the disease process. Their goal is not to prevent disease, it’s to better manage it.

Modern medicine has extended the number of years in life by treating illnesses with drugs and surgeries. Some of those patients aren't as fortunate and will live shorter lives because they will receive too much treatment.

Medical care is geared towards treatment because treatment is profitable, dependable and consistent. As long as insurance companies are permitted to pass on their expenses to the companies that pay the premiums, no one will ever care. When patients become responsible for a bigger share of these expenses, they will then take a hard look at the system. Until then, sedentary medicine will flourish.

Prevention is an unprofitable, almost non-existent specialty of medicine. It depends on food as medicine, with its goal being to help patients heal themselves.

The important conceptual difference between treatment and healing is that healing attempts to remove or prevent the underlying cause of illness while treatment’s goal is to eliminate their symptoms. They are not mutually exclusive. Good doctors need to do both.

Healing is a lost art.  An art that requires a sense of balance on both the healer and patient. Its success is the best yardstick to measure health.

Prevention is based on healing. Healing depends on an interaction or emotional bond between healer and patient. It requires mutual trust and a willingness to devote time, energy and patience. Commodities, not covered by medical insurance.

America has become an unhealthy, amorphous mass of humanity. Collectively, they have been subjugated to the most advanced form of psychological warfare ever devised. Brainwashing, that has been directed by a self-organizing, conflagration of interests.

The self-destructive behavior of Americans is programmed into their lives. They are glutinous, sedentary, and unhealthy by design. They have become addicted to food, drugs, and inactivity because this makes them profitable consumers as well as unhealthy patients.  This is a very profitable demographic to market food and drugs to.


Americans were supposed to be protected by this kind of attack by the FDA. How can an agency that is funded by the pharmaceutical companies be expected to regulate them as well.