Sedentarily Numb

The American workday has been transformed.

Where it one demanded hard work and physical activity, it now relies on high-speed nerve transmissions.

They don't power muscles to move bones but instead are utilized during the course of calculations and in pursuit of creativity. 

Learning depends on the proper executions of cerebral transmissions.

The more one spends in pursuit of learning, the more the body becomes tied to sedentary life.

Improved transmissions in the brain needs to be balanced by increased striations in muscles.

In earlier times, Americans lived active lives.

This enabled them to often remain free of illnesses until they died.

They died much younger in life back them but lived a healthier one while they lived.

Their meals reflected the demands of their life. 

They were up before dawn; worked the land, tended animals.

They hunted and gathered.

They provided for themselves and family and had little time or energy for much else.

All the calories in their meals were used to fuel their normal day.


There were no excess calories to worry about. 

When those active Americans finished their workday, they ate a meal, relaxed and went to bed. 

They were tired from using their bodies.

They didn’t come home, change and go out again or be so tired all they could do was go to bed.

They didn’t plan elaborate meals or get together for  martini lunches.

They were tired from activity.

Their behavior stands in stark contrast to today’s America.

A nation where sedentary activity, still behavior and constant eating is the norm.

Intellectual work challenges the nervous tissue in the brain, not the striated muscles in our limbs.

Their ability to meet and maintain blood glucose levels in the brain may be a challenge to one's neurological circulation but it fails to stimulate its metabolic systems, the ultimate decider in determining fitness and health.

Intellectual work requires a regular program of physical work to balance sedentary stress.

Americans who are overweight are victims of a system that encourages poor nutritional behavior. This pattern initiates a series of metabolic events that culminate in illness.

This pattern of behavior is so unhealthy that it requires habitual treatment and medication to sustain.

This lifestyle and its dependence on drugs has transformed America into an unhealthy and lethargic nation where leisure and comfort define success and disease and treatment are the cornerstones of our economy.

There will always be people who over indulge in food. But now this sign of wealth and oppulance has become the rule, not the exception,

Sedentary stress is caused by food addiction and inactivity.

Modern life rewards those who survive sedentary stress by prolonging their life with increased material wealth and drugs.

Regular exercise is the only process that can relieve sedentary stress.

The absence of exercise and movement accelerates disease.

The lack of movement in daily life is the driving force behind the widespread unhealthiness seen in America. Combined with poor nutrition, inactivity is inducing Americans to depend on drugs; pharmaceutical drugs, recreational drugs, any and all kinds of drugs.


Our nation’s health was changed forever, first by the introduction and explosive increase in television viewing, and secondly by the invention of the personal computer. We are sedated by media.

Many baby-boomers, genXers and genYers can remember how they grew up under the companionship and guidance of TV.  Today’s kids learn their values from MTV, reality TV, youtube and myspace.

TV and computers are not alone. Video games and devices like Playstation, Gameboy, Xbox, and Nintendo have caused children to become addicted to this virtual inactivity.

Furthermore, the use of peer to peer sharing of mp3s, flac and avi files, textmessaging and Voice over Internet Protocals have further sedated kids and pacifying them by stimulating various bliss  receptors.

Computers, ipods, nano, zunes, cell phones, iphones and Blackberries, liter teen and adult life. As a fan of technology, I recognize the wonderful and amazing capabilities and diversity they provide, but I am also alarmed by the increasing amount of time spent engaged with these devices. Left unchecked, this passive behavior is the single greatest threat to the long term health of children.

The challenge that unhealthy people present to America, is a more serious threat than the danger posed by ideological terrorists. We are under attack from homegrown, profit driven terrorists. They cause, benefit and regulate the forces of unhealthiness.

Europeans should take note of how precipitously we have fallen. They may in fact be in the early stages of their own nutritional epidemic. There are sure fire signs that their children are succumbing to the same diseases that fast food, inactivity and corporate programming have wrought on our kids.  Their governments may be better equipped to deal with the social and economic realities, but they are equally powerless regarding their medical consequences.

The ill health of Americans is due to a vast array of special interests uniting in a nefarious scheme to defraud children of their health. Some like pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and managed care organizations, who treat their symptoms, directly benefit from their illnesses. Others, like the insurance industry and government agencies benefit as a consequence of those treatments.

But the real beneficiaries of ill-health, unhealthiness, or whatever one calls it, are the industries that caused them in the first place. In signaling them out, I am aware that I am also indicting the system that the ill cherish.

The ill are the unfortunate victims of being perpetually entertained, pacified and sedated by FEMA. America has become sedated by its affluence and rendered impotent by its laws and freedoms.

The sedentary stress and sedation that constitutes American culture, initiates a cascade of biological events within the minds and bodies of children. These events, for lack of a better term, cause laziness. Not a cerebral or social indolence, but a physical sluggishness that dulls their bodies as it pacifies their minds. A lethargy that endangers their health and our country’s future.

By having inactive, understimulated muscles, children, young adults, even baby-boomers, are more susceptible to the addictive effects of neuroprogramming by the profiteers of poison. The end-result of their assault is a preoccupation with eating and the need to be perpetually entertained.

In addition to the lethargy that permeates their bodies, the nutritionally ill have damaged the membrane receptors that are responsible for maintaining glucose and cholesterol levels.

They are thus more prone to heart disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis, and are more likely to develop alcohol and drug dependencies that requires mood altering psychoactive medications.

Comfortably Lethargic

The future leaders of America are today’s overweight children. Their inactive lifestyles are fueled by a plentiful and cheap supply of unhealthy food served up by America’s fast-food industry and FEMA.

Comfort food only exacerbates the stress of inactivity.

Just at a time when an adolescent’s genetic and emotional maturation has reached its zenith, they are forced to slow down their metabolic engines due to the inactivity that our sedentary society thrives on.

Our children have become lethargic, inactive and immobile because parents and schools encouraged it.

Instead of children and adolescents releasing all their pent up energy and aggression, stored as a result of the stress of school, through exercise, they pour it into virtual inactivities like online games, chat rooms, wireless computing, text messagesg, myspacing and bloging.  While this may produce a more technologically educated student, it has also made them more stressed out and more unhealthy..

For diversion, they eat, watch TV, chat, or engage in other sedentary activities. The forces of FEMA have a strong grip on their psyches. They have become sedated with inactivity.

This pattern of behavior is a prescription for metabolic disaster. A bomb planted into the heart of America, her children. Who with each bite, and every IM are ticking away their precious health. A bomb made up of sedentary activity, comfort food and quick fix solutions. These staples of the American lifestyle. Our country is now populated by people who shun physical activity and who therefore are unhealthy.

Prevention should be the engine of our medical system. Instead of new and expensive technologies to treat diseases, how about mandatory and compulsory exercise as a precondition for promotion, raises even obtaining medical insurance in the first place?

This book argues that the absence of activity and exercise is the single greatest cause of ill health among Americans. It’s an indictment on the inactivity of American life and the nutritional wasteland that supports it.  It is a rejection of the reliance on medical technology and the use of pharmaceutical drugs to extend life by mitigating illnesses. It offers Americans a choice, prevention.

It’s remedy is for Americans to incorporate exercise into their lives. They need to do this on a daily basis for the rest of their life. Combined with healthy food, this will help them avoid the nutritional diseases of affluence.

Unhealthiness and the treatment of its symptoms are choking the health out of America.

The consequence of inaction, and allowing our children to  remain sedated, is a more serious danger to our freedom than any threat posed by foreign competitors, armies, or terrorists.

Fitness and sound nutrition best fuels health.

Inactivity, refined, processed and addictive foods cause illness.

If baby-boomers can be categorized as the comfortably numb generation due to their reliance on recreational drugs, then today’s kids can be considered to be the comfortably lethargic generation based on their need to be sedated with inactivity.

The lack of activity in the course of daily life means that physical exercise must become a part of regular after-work and after-school programs if we are to reverse sedentary stress.