America is under attack!

Our wonderful country has become the target of an undeclared war on health.

A war started, spread and funded by businesses that manufacture, market and distribute products that make people ill.

While consumption may be the economic whirlwind for the economy, it is leading us along the path to destruction.

As physical activity diminishes, drug stores, comfort food stations and new technologies fill the void. Keep people busy. Keep them consuming.

Build it and they will buy.

Now that social networking is part of daily life people can interact without the need for physical contact. This is backward. The only way to lower health care costs is by having healthier patients. And the only thing that does that is exercise.

So I propose mandatory exercise. It's a small step but a neccessary one. Many healthy behaviors flow from exercise. It is a cost effective way to lower costs years down the road.



  The American dream is a nightmare. Wealth has given kids even less reason to move.

The dream is over. 

Our once strong economy is in shambles. Solvency is coming to an end. Material glut and a dramatic rise in health costs at the same time.

America, the entitlement state.

America is burdened by the consequences of a society fueled by consumerism.

I know this view runs contrary to economists who see growth as the solution to all woes I don't. I am convinced that the America we are headed for is a dark and unhappy place and unless we restrain businesses and force health on people, there won't be much else.

The diseased state of our children represents the real price paid for the unbridled entrepreneurial freedom that created so much wealth.

While this entrepreneurial spirit made America a great nation, it is destroying us in the process.

Corporations abused their position of trust and deployed the graduates of our academic system in an all-out effort to influence childhood development and alter long-term behavior.   

They were given this power by a government that was eager to grow and expand. And in doing so, they failed in their primary responsibility of protecting its children.

They instead fostered an entrepreneurial spirit based on self-interest and greed. Sadly, this is the model the world is now following, even the Communists.

Our government turned a blind eye based on financial gains as companies were allowed to run roughshod over the souls and psyches of children. Through their regulations, incentives and tax code, they encouraged the creation of companies capable, willing and able to take advantage of the vulnerabilities of children.

Children were left defenseless against the wolves of Wall Street.

Aside from the misery this causes, their practices have burdened this country with generations of illnesses.

We may decry what they’ve become but when it is all is said and done, ill children are good for business.  

Our government stood idly by while an all-out attack on kids occurred and a conspiracy to undermine our nation’s strength continues.

America’s businesses are now succeeding where armies and terrorists have failed.

These unscrupulous businesses have made America vulnerable through through a systematic assault on her children. 

We are now a weakened nation with an economic system on the brink of collapse. If that weren’t enough, we will soon have a humanitarian catastrophe on our hands and a healthcare system incapable of dealing with it.

America is now a nation in the grip of a pandemic.