PIMP is a descriptive acronym for the humongous Pharmaceutical-Insurance-Medical-Provider complex that runs healthcare.

PIMP is an organization built around the companies that benefit from treating illnesses.

PIMP is the treatment counterpart to FEMA. PIMP profits from the diseases that FEMA causes.

FEMA and PIMP have forged an unspoken and unwitting alliance based on their mutual benefit from illness; one causing them, the other treating their symptoms.  Each of them alike in their dependence on unhealthy consumers and ill patients.

Slaves to FEMA and Johns for PIMP.

The obese, Type II or adult-onset diabetics, heart patients and overweight children, are victims of an undeclared war on health. They are the unfortunate Americans who are suffering from nutritional diseases and being treated with drugs. These drugs don’t eliminate the unhealthy, processed and refined foods they eat, they just manage the symptoms they cause. With close to fifty per cent of Americans classified as obese, PIMP has it’s hands full.

PIMP responded in the early stages of the epidemic by developing NSAIDs, lipase inhibitors, statins, coxibs, serotonin re-uptake inhibitors, nitric oxide stimulators, biguanides, beta blockers, h2 inhibitors, leptin-emulators, ghrelin-inhibitors, secretagogues and painkillers. At least two of their miracle cures, rushed to market by pharmaceutical companies and quickly approved by the FDA, have been found to be death traps.

Both the arthritis wonder drug Vioxx and the diabetes drug, Avandia, had many opponents prior to approval. Both were found to be responsible for cardiovascular accidents and increasing the possibility of death. But that won’t stop them from rushing to market a host of new miracle cures.

FEMA instills illness in Americans while PIMP treats them. FEMA has turned consumers of its products into patients for PIMP. That’s quite a convenient synergy.  Instead of preventing poor nutritional behavior by prohibiting unhealthy products, PIMP develops new drugs and performs invasive procedures to treat the n diseases they cause.

Doctors are therefore trained to routinely and often unnecessarily, prescribe statins, lipase inhibitors, diuretics, beta-blockers, hypoglycemic, anti-inflammatory drugs to treat the symptoms of nutritional diseases. Other drugs are prescribed to treat heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, anxiety, attention deficits, allergy, arthritis and erectile dysfunction. Miracle cures for America’s fears. These drugs together with steroids, used in hormone replacement therapy and birth prevention, are further examples of the widespread dependence of drugs by PIMP, and how they want to manage chronic diseases.

Take fat for example, the most visible sign of chronic illnesses. Fat collects around the abdomen, the buttocks, thighs, neck, jowl, fingers, even toes. Of course fat isn’t limited to these visible areas but also collects unseen on the inside or intima of arteries. Both the little ones in the heart as well as the big ones that feed the brain.

Dietary fat is managed with drugs like Alli (Orlistat) that prevent its absorption from the intestine. Diabetes also leads to an increase in fat production and oral hypoglycemic agents like the biguanides of Avandia with their serious side effects are used to improve insulin sensitivity thereby lowering blood sugar levels.

Internal fat, which builds up on the inside of blood vessels, is treated with a library of statins including Crestor, Zocor, and Lipitor. These drugs lower cholesterol levels by reducing the amount of low-density lipoproteins or lousy-cholesterol in the body.

While these drugs are effective in reducing fat, regulating sugar and lowering cholesterol levels, they can not claim to be a solution. The only real solution is in not succumbing to these diseases in the first place.

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