PIG, the third wheel in America’s axis of evil, is made up PhRMA, the insurance lobby and an army of government regulators.  They serve as buffers between the purveyors of illness and their victims.

PIG is composed of trade groups, unions, lobbying firms, legal teams and federal agencies who created the rules.  They are the politicians, lobbyists, consultants, lawyers, agents, medical reviewers and regulators who were supposed to prevent FEMA and PIMP from running roughshod over the bodies, brains and blood vessels of America’s children.

BigPharma, the first P in PIMP is an industry in need of real reform and re-regulation. They are uniquely situated at the crossroads of illness and treatment.  BigPharma benefits from unhealthy food, inactivity and the power of addiction. They depend on the diseases they cause and make no attempt to alter the behavior that led to the illness. They don’t directly fund disease, they leave that to others.

What Big Pharma does control, is its prices. That, courtesy of a benevolent Congress and the great big pharmaceutical giveaway of 2003.  This presented senors, baby-boomers and drug companies with a lifetime of ‘free’ drugs and no price controls.

Pharmaceutical bureaucrats are no more concerned with health than tobacco executives are about cancer or alcohol distilleries about alcohol use by teenagers.. They are drug cartels that need consumers who are addicted to their products. This is not meant to indict the great many dedicated scientists and others who are employed by them and who do their best with the instruments they are given. In many cases their efforts are used to enslave the very people whose lives they are dedicated to saving.

Our healthcare system is broken. Free market capitalism applied to healthcare is a recipe for waste, inefficiency and malpractice.

Free market capitalism hasn’t worked in the financial arena where it was invented and fee-for-service medicine won’t work either. The enormous economic and political clout of PIMP combined with the indifference of PIG assures that FEMA’s attack on health will continue.  Illness is just too profitable to put a stop to.

Illness is oil for the healthcare system. As a consequence of FEMA’s diseases and PIMP’s treatment of them, America has been transformed into the land of the lethargic and home of the obese.

In treatment we trust.

PIG’s s goal is not to eliminate disease but to protect the monopolies who profit from them. They allow patients to suffer by promoting the unsound and unhealthy policies that made them sick.

PIG was supposed to enact and enforce laws that protect our most precious of natural resources, our children. They are the ones that needed protection, not the businesses that prey on them. They instead granted the pharmaceutical industry exemption from oversight and gave them the power to monitor, promote and regulate themselves. I thought monopolies were supposed to be outlawed in the United Staes.

PIG enabled insurance carriers, the I in PIMP to position themselves as for-profit middlemen. Their bottom line is medical loss ratios and therefore need to delay, deny and cancel coverage to patients, and reduce payments to doctors, hospitals and physicians.  As they pocket the savings, their loss ratio improves, which impresses the institutional investors and hedge fund managers of Wall Street, whose approval is essential to shareholder value.

It is interesting to note that one federal agency stands at the crossroads of FEMA, PIMP and PIG. Both food and drugs are  regulated by the same agency, the FDA.

The inability of the FDA to stand up for the rights of children is erectile dysfunction on a governmental level.

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