Food Allergies

Americaan foods come prepackaged with an assortment of pesticides, preservatives and additives.


The FDA assumes that if it has been used in the past without causing a catastrophe, it's safe. 

It may take years or even generations before illnesses develop, that doesn't concern them. 


Surely they know that some people are prone to developing a sensitivity.


Some are allergic from birth but many others develop them over time.


Some have reactions specific to the digestive system while other allergens attack other areas.


The real damage however, is due to the body's response to the allergen.



These are called auto-immune reactions.  Excessive reactions develop into diseases over time.


There is an alarming increase in people who think they have started to develop allergies, especially to food.


One food in particular is gluten.

Gluten is a protein that has caused a great deal of concern among otherwise healthy people.

The extreme case is complete sensitivity and being unable to tolerate gluten at all.

Celiac's disease is due to the gluten protein in wheat, which causes severe distress in the small intestine.

The other extreme are people who are partially sensitive but can tolerate it

Many others experience improved health on a gluten-free diet.

This may be due to the lack of immune response to guten that is obviously missing on gluten-free diet.