Female Athletes

Women have been part of the main stream exercise world for some time now.

But exercise nutrition, as it pertains specifically to women, is poorly studied.

Most of the data comes from studies of men.


The products and practices that enhance athletic performance also improve long-term health and delays the onset of aging.

Enhancement and prevention go hand in hand.

The goal of life is to remain young as long in life as possible.

That's the purpose for living.

While the principals apply equally to males and females, this focus on females, will help women benefit from a colorful program.

And help them protect themselves from the rigor of intense exercise.


Female athletes will also benefit from botanical hormone modulating and anti-inflammatory herbs.



Self-care is based on stimulating the body’s healing system through intense physical exertion and sound nutrition.

The assumptions made regarding nutrition are based on the demands and needs of metabolically active cells functioning inside healthy athletes.


This is in contrast to the minimum requirements established by the USDA which assumes sedentary activity and is therefore inadequate to meet the needs of active women.




There is a new femininity in America; one that encourages women to compete on all levels with men.


In addition to breaking glass ceilings and working out, women have learned they are seeding illness in themselves if they don't exercise.


A new femininity has produced a vast increase in the number of girls and the spectrum of women who are participating in organized sports and recreational exercise.


Along with improved fitness, exercise improves a woman’s sense of identity and self-worth.


Female athletes are more assertive in the workplace, schools and bedrooms compared to non-athletes.


Female athletes now need to be more assertive regarding their own health.


The medical system that was supposed to keep them healthy has failed.


Young girls and women who elect to exercise early in life will reap benefits later in life.


The earlier a female athlete begins to incorporate exercise into their Diet, the more likely they will avoid the chronic diseases associated with aging (arthritis, hypertension and diabetes) as well as delay the onset and consequences of menopause.


Exercise also has a profound effect on brain chemistry.  


The release of beta-endorphins, in response to the stress of exercise, produces the natural high of physical activity that also helps females cope with the stress of life.