The medical philosophy espoused in these pages is best described as Self-Care.

Self-Care is based on the teachings from the great Ancient medical philosophers as well as state of the art pharmaceutical science.

It is based on keeping the body in balance and using food as medicine.

The rationale behind this philosophy relies on the concept of 'Natures Libraries', which argues that Nature provided not only redundancy in its DNA code but created multiple versions of the same active agent in individual plants.

Multiple versions of agents provides safety and explains why certain herbs like the adaptogenic ones (ginseng), can produce two opposite reactions in two different individuals.

Nature's libraries thus explains the multitude of effects attributed to herbs and helps explain why the entire spectrum of agents are needed as opposed to the single powerful agent that defines pharmaceutical drugs.


Healthy food in the absence of activity, is simply healthy food.

Combined with exercise, these foods (plants) are an elixor of youth.