The Athlete’s Solution is based on the principals and practices of the Ancient Healers who used plants to heal the local villagers.

They used whole plants combined with the faith of the locals, something we now call placebo, to heal them and keep them in balance.

The medicinal effects of botanicals are due to the totality of the compounds in the plants. No one ingredient, and no one plant dominates the others.


Nature created multiple versions of the same compound to help the plant survive or  adapt to the harmful conditions in its environment. Since the environment is constantly changes, nature needed a mechanism to adapt to those changes and created these libraries of compounds.


Depending on the series of enzymes that is turned on or off, the body can alter its metabolic destiny.  Just as the proper sequence of numbers unlocks a combination, the activation of one sequence of enzyme systems produces one result while the activation of another produces the opposing effect. The right balance induces harmony.

The underlying molecular logic of these switches is based on the interaction between the botanical compound and an entity in the body known as a receptor.

Receptors are structures that bind with ligands. Once a receptor is bound, it becomes activated. This sets off one possible cascade of chemical reactions. If the receptor site is blocked and can’t bind properly, these reactions can’t take place and another cascade of events is possible.


The receptor-ligand complex is responsible for the effects of foods, hormones, neurotransmitters, drugs and botanicals. The same receptor that normally binds with its natural mate or ligand (insulin, testosterone, cortisol, estrogen, serotonin. etc ) can also bind with plant compounds or synthetic drugs.

All biological processes are based on one of two possible chemical reactions. Binding versus the non-binding state, the 0’s and 1’s of nature. These binding sites or domains are made up of a small amino acid chain, or amino sugar bound to a fatty acid. These receptors can be duplicated or replicated, a process known as cloning.


Receptors are the currency of biological communications.


Bindings initiate a cascade of reactions with a chemistry far too complicated to discuss here. The inconsistency and dual nature of herbal cures is due to these reactions. They are best explained by recognizing that their effects are the result of one possible cascade of chemical reactions. With each reaction being just one in a series of molecular reactions or set of on-off switches.


Pharmaceutical research is focused on creating, finding or modifying chemical substances so they can mimic or block these reactions. Mechanisms can be blocked by a drug occupying a cell receptor’s binding site. These receptors are the currency of biological communications.  The binding of insulin, the five senses, hormones, growth, blood pressure, and thinking, are the result of an interaction between a ligand and a receptor.


Receptor-ligands interactions govern most cell activities and form the basis for the rational behind this book.


Molecular science depends on linking cause to effect.  The goal of drugs is to interfere with receptor-binding and direct the cascade towards favorable chemical reactions. Modern medical healing uses these drugs to attack biological mechanisms. Mechanisms that depend on the binding of a ligans to a receptor. Altered receptors and modified ligands cause disease and addiction.