Yogurt is one of the great foods of the world. Yogurt is a semi-solid fermented milk product that originated in Turkey and Bulgaria.

Yogurt is made from curdled milk and fermented with a strain of lactobacillus.

Whole milk and skim milk are both used to make yogurt. Yogurt often has fruits, grains and sugars added to it.

Fermentation is the anaerobic breakdown of glucose by yeast or bacteria. Fermentation is the process that converts grape carbohydrates into wine, grains into beer, milk into yogurt, soybeans into miso and green tea into black tea. Fermentation creates a waste product; alcohol in foods and lactic acid in muscle cells.

The bacteria used to initiate the fermentation process of  yogurt are a symbiotic blend of Streptococcus salivarius and Lactobacillus delbrueckii. As the bacteria grow they create a more acidic environment through the production of lactic and acetic acids.

The flavor of yogurt is enhanced by an assortment of aldehydes.

Yogurt promotes intestinal health and helps build strong bones. It is also thought to enhance immunity, lower blood pressure, and may possibly be important in preventing cancer.