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Advanced Medical Marijuana Products in Pennsylvania

In collaboration with the most brilliant minds from the fields of cannabis science, health, and business, Whole Plants Health was created as a Pennsylvania-focused grow-and-extract operation and to be a premier provider of the highest quality products.


The Whole Plant’s mission is to consistently provide compassionate relief to Pennsylvanians with chronic conditions by manufacturing advanced medical marijuana products.


Production began Fall 2019, instituting the launch of our proprietary in-house medical marijuana products. Products are available in dispensaries in Spring 2020.


We look forward to partnering with you to deliver the highest caliber of medical marijuana products to Pennsylvania’s growing patient population.

Statement from our CEO

“In this time of extraordinary global unrest and turmoil in our society. Medical Marijuana advocates and the cannabis industry must live up to our ideals by supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and working towards real change.
Going even further, our involvement can’t stop with just the protests. In order to build an ethical and sustainable industry, we need to be active participants in undoing the damage that the War on Drugs caused. We need to lobby to government and law enforcement to make real and significant changes in public policy and methods and tactics used by police in enforcing the laws created by the government.

We often celebrate the ways medical marijuana crosses political boundaries. Across the political spectrum, people see the potential in medical marijuana and its ability to change the lives of patients. However, we believe that this is not a political issue but a human rights issue, and it would be wrong for the medical marijuana industry to remain silent.

Now that we’ve achieved legalization and decriminalization in many states, we must use our platform to be a part of healing the damage caused by centuries of systemic racism, a not insignificant part of which grew out of the sprawling War on Drugs.

We call on medical marijuana advocates to advocate for Black lives too, and make them a fundamental priority for our industry.” – Jim Smith

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